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Friday, April 24, 2015

Peru- Debating the way forward for revolution and defense of the revolution

The following article was submitted to the RED DE BLOGS COMUNISTAS (RBC) blog group. It is important article in that it looks both at the dangers to the revolutionaries in Peru and the need to put aside factional fighting in order to defend the country’s Maoists. Some groups and individuals with-in RBC have argued that this article is meaningless since the factional differences seem overwhelming. They argue there is no chance these factions will work together.  But the situation in Peru is delicate and very dangerous. There are at least three main Maoist factions in Peru, mostly differing over whether to support the people’s war or whether to look for legal means to form a legal political party and move forward that way. Both ideas have their own problems and advantages.
During the 1980s the Peruvian Revolution was conducting the most advanced people’s war in the world. The military wing of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, also known as Shining Path) has dwindled since the capture of Chairman Gonzalo (also known as Abimael Guzmán in 1992. But Maoism is still a powerful political force in Peru. And the various parties and groups are in danger of a fascist leaning government that is openly out to annihilate all Maoist parties connected in any way with the PCP. So far the government has made no distinction between the military wing of the PCP, supported by the Peru People's Movement (MPP) and the attempt to build a legal electoral party, the Movadef (Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Human Rights MOVADEF).
The suggestions given here for action in Peru are good ones. They need a united front to take on both the Peruvian state and the US imperialist forces camping out in this country. Even if that doesn’t happen it is good to put forward a plan that would allow Peruvians to defend their revolutionary movements.
This article was originally written in Spanish and the original can be read here. This article took some heavy 
editing as well as a Google translation.  -សតិវអតុ

From RBC:

Peru is a country that is entering one of the most difficult periods in recent history for its major contradictions: broken economy, political crisis etc. The bureaucratic capitalist regime dependent on US imperialism is making problems everywhere so it is forced to intensify their process of corporatization of institutions and consolidate their fascist military dictatorship.
Its economy is going through the best of times at cruising speed as lackeys of imperialism shout from the rooftops Peru is bankrupt. The general crisis in capitalism begins to take root strongly in the Peruvian state. This is manifested through various symptoms: sharp drop in copper sales generated by the accumulation of high mountains of stocks, the existence of trade deficit and financial for the first time in a decade and a high corporate debt financed by huge emissions bond. Surface and optimistic analysis of the bourgeoisie are not aware that Peru along with the global economy may be on the eve of a severe economic crisis that involves a constant deflation (falling prices) and the collapse of the financial system.
Currently its already weak if national sovereignty is severely threatened. Peru's Congress has authorized the landing of 3,200 American soldiers under the guise of fighting "terrorism and drug trafficking." The aim of US imperialism is to establish a continental strategy of domination, use the Andean country as a platform to destabilize and attack Bolivia and Ecuador. Domestically it aims to strengthen the fascist military dictatorship and eliminate all opposition to the existing regime.
To be clear whether the gringos come armed to the teeth.  At a minimum, any and all bourgeois and proletarian left parties may participate in elections. The Peruvian government does not seek to weaken the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) but to destroy, annihilate; to behead the Peruvian working masses—their main objective for the PCP.
Regarding the political situation we find a decomposition of the state and a crisis of the official left. The presidential election of 2011 was an election between right and right itself, with differences of form, not the content. The two candidates with a realistic chance of reaching the government (Humala, Keiko Fujimori) shared a desire to continue to maintain good relations with the United States both politically and investment and strengthen the armed forces. Ollanta  Humala to achieve victory use a populist and nationalist discourse, promising to defend national sovereignty and reject the FTA. Subsequently it has shown the opposite.
Humala is a cartoonish character representing the Republic of Peru. Where unscrupulous individuals, pirates and outlaws abound and act freely, without any shame in running for the presidential race. This is because secret pacts between the different bourgeois factions inbound and outbound, in order to ensure the stability of the regime are signed. The last covenant (2011) was an alliance between Humala, APRA, toledistas and fujimoristas to ensure the protection of criminals, parliamentarians and provide compensation to the "founding fathers".
Congressmen are basically serving imperialism, mobsters and drug trafficking. Impunity runs at ease and acts of corruption and crimes are covered up. It is well known the name "narcobancada" to refer to a group of congressmen with strong ties to drug trafficking and money laundering. The power is concentrated in the executive, legislative and still controls Parliament nonexistent function. Given these facts, it is not surprising that this is a crisis of political and legal representation that involves all Party organizations in this country. These are merely criminal organizations without any ideological or political line. His reactionary and parasitic character is also shown by applying, contrary to the masses, as the Pulpin Act. It has caused health cuts or generates high unemployment forcing more than 800,000 Peruvians migrating labor reforms.
Within the left can distinguish the bourgeois and proletarian. On the one hand the bourgeois legal left is in serious decay to the point that now supports the fascist Humala, a military commander accused of war crimes. And on the other the hiker left is heavily fragmented into different factions: Mantaro Rojo, Peru People's Movement (MPP), Movadef group "Comrade José" group "Comrade Artemio" Red Sun etc, which have important differences between them strategy and tactics to follow as they start from different analyzes of the current Peruvian situation. Each is considered the legitimate representative of PCP, except Movadef that qualifies as an independent, and judges the other as traitors and enemies of the party, claiming that deviate from the right path to maintain revisionist positions right or left lines.
Discussions between factions is so acute that insults, claims and disqualifications profess using vulgar expressions as "revisionist rat", "foreign spies", "traitors", "capitulating", "trotskos dogs" etc who do not share their opinion is easily accused of infiltrating and agent intelligence. Broadly speaking, we can speak of two great visions of Peruvian reality. One who gives as valid popular idea that war is over, the general amnesty and the path of struggle by legal means to generate new conditions and save the party cadres of destruction and annihilation becoming necessary. And another that says that the people's war has not ended and must continue. Visions need not be incompatible because the realities of Peru are multiple fronts to undertake. At issue is whether to put more emphasis on legal or armed struggle.
In this context requires passing of a revolutionary civil war to a popular war of national liberation. The struggle is no longer limited only against the big bourgeoisie and the landlord class but has to focus its efforts on expel imperialism out of Peru. This can only be achieved with a minimum of unity of action and coordination between the different Maoist factions. So it is appropriate that the PCP urgently organize an extraordinary congress or conference bringing together all revolutionary forces to discuss the political-military situation. It must master an attitude of brotherhood and reasoned discussion to raise the level of unity and learning from each other. If you get to agree, even if it is minimal, party unity will be strengthened and confidence of the masses be won, creating the factual basis of a Deliverer National Front implement new strategies and more consistent tactics to new times. You can not work with old strategies when reality is changing, old bends should be abandoned.
You have to understand that in the present circumstances the "peace accords" are no longer viable and negotiation with the Government of PCP definitively interrupted. The barbarian US military will not distinguish between colors, their eyes all walkers forces are equal both betting by legal means (Movadef) as those advocated armed struggle. They will serve as separate organizations are either dependent on PCP or have no relationship to it. Do not be wary of all the internal division of labor. The PCP sabotage the popular Yankee imperialist war and a betrayal of the revolution. Today, tomorrow will they will face the danger of violent annihilation of the Party—or  join against a government intent on crushing them all.
The masterful handling of the combination between legal and illegal struggle is the best course of action. Participation in elections is not the main form of struggle but only one of them. It must be linked to the masses—organize, assemble them and educate the masses for the revolutionary struggle. This could be done by mobilizing the Movadef to expose and develop anti-imperialist struggles of the masses, but at the same time avoid weakening the armed apparatus and prepare further to militarily confront the inevitable or next military confrontation.
The situation is not the same in Lima to Ayacucho so the lines of action may not be the same. Factions do not have to renounce their views but if they try to search for approaches to positions with a minimum of unity of action. According to the law of contradiction always be at least two currents within the party, a fact that does not conflict with your unit. The groups that support armed resistance should improve its relations with the masses, as new generations remain largely distant from these positions, while the underlying legal means must accept that the People's War in Peru continues and has not finished.
In Peru there is plausible, except for self-criticism and adopting a new tactic alternatives. Since the strategy must be maintained: the seizure of power in the country. -Surrounding the invaders with a sea of ​​anti-imperialist patriotic masses. The Peruvian government is national treason, selling out the country. 
 The armed resistance, however small, is a sword of Damocles for intervention. The wounded national feeling of the Peruvian people inevitably feed the armed resistance. National sovereignty can no longer be trampled. The time has come to constitute a bureaucratic anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist front to recover it.

To achieve peace, it is necessary to make war!

No to US invasion and anti-PCP!

No arrests and extrajudicial killings against defenseless masses!

The people's war is the only way to win national independence and socialism!

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