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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tuesday—Day of action after Walter Scott shot a black man to death

Of course I can support any action that tries to bring attention to the killing of innocent black people by white police officers. -សតិវ​អតុ

I’m writing you to call your attention to the important day of action to disrupt business as usual across the United States this Tuesday, 14 April. The wanton murder in South Carolina of Walter Scott shot in the back by yet another murdering cop who fully expected to get away with it is just the latest reminder of the need to take a stand against police murder of Black people and people of colour, especially our youth, right now.
You can follow this and contribute in different ways at the Stop Mass Incarceration website at  - here’s their current front page:

Cornel West Calls For April 14 Shut Down In Response
To Wave Of Police Killings Of Unarmed People
During the extraordinary EMERGENCY program held Monday in New York, the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew shook with the passionate determination to put a STOP to the killing of unarmed black and Latino people.
Cornel West spoke with fury seldom heard, scathing against those in power and all who stand aside when the business as usual of police killing unarmed people goes on, even before video showed the most recent police killing of unarmed Walter Scott Saturday in South Carolina. Dr. West joined Carl Dix and the families of six unarmed people killed by police; Arturo O'Farrill; Cindy Sheehan; Alice Walker and Eve Ensler in calling on people to walk out of school and work on Tuesday April 14.

We need to fight this fight in such a way as to put an end to this and the many other horrors of life under the capitalist system forever – so that our children and their children are not fighting this same fight. And to bring into being a world where there are neither oppressed nor oppressors, and no system of institutionalized violence enforcing the divisions and inequalities that now rack our planet and its people. I would urge you to also check out the web site of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA in relation to the April 14th events, at

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