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Friday, April 03, 2015

Vote "no" for (Wichita) mayor

From F5:

I have never been so alienated from city politics. This year's mayoral race seems to offer no really good choices and neither does the marijuana referendum. I'd just stay home, but that runs against my nature as well. I just don't know what to do.
The mayoral race this year seems to be one of the dirtiest and least enlightening in recent memory. Bill Warren injecting himself into the middle of the race didn't help much either.
First, it is the process. Ten candidates went into the primaries. That scattered the votes over a wide spectrum of possibilities, but it also led to the success of the two best financed candidates. Jeff Longwell and Sam Williams emerged as the contenders.
Jeff Longwell had the most name recognition going into the primaries. As a city commissioner, he appeared in the papers frequently and seemed to be a logical choice. The other incumbent, Lavonta Williams, probably had as good a resume as Longwell but was not so well financed and had to overcome her race and sex, neither a disqualifier in itself but together too big a pill for many Wichitans to swallow.
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