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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nepal—factional splits are destructive!

I have watched for the last 15 years or more as the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) made such great strides in people's war that I believed they might actually win a revolution in that country.
First there was an end to the people's war. Then there was an election victory and then a split. I don't blame all the people who split from the party after Prachanda simply gave in to an electoral western style government.
Let's be honest here. We know two facts. One is that a party that at least believes in Maoism hold office with some more revisionist communist parties. Is this really a tragedy? I agree it is not what we wanted. But we have supported the revolutionary faction for years and they have not gotten ANYWHERE. I'm not against having real revolutionary goals.
But now we have a second factional split and when I look at the future all I can see a loss coming up. The 1980s and 1970s were full of factional splits. And what did that gain anyone? Small parties folded more and more as they were just too insignificant to matter in the politics of a modern time.
There used to be factions of Maoists and Socialist Workers Party in Kansas City when I visited there. Today none of those groups are still in Kansas City. There are no traces of Marxists anywhere. It looks as if there never were any Marxists there.
So why does this news about a factional split in the Maoist revolutionary movement make me sick to my stomach? Why do I see  déjà vu all over again? Will we make all the same mistakes twice?
I'm going to print this article for information purposes. I find the whole idea that we can afford such a split disgusting. The Imperialist have sharpened there skills to wipe Maoist out the whole world over. I noticed just a week ago how much smaller the Indian Red Corridor has become and I have to wonderwhat are we doing wrong? Even the Maoist of India have consolidated—not split their movement and that makes sense. Spitting a movement up does not make any sense.

-សតិវ អតុ

Ideological Bankruptcy of Baidhya Faction

From Maoist_Revolution:

-Rishi Raj Baral

“We will join hands with the government to support the ongoing rescue, relief and reconstruction and rehabilitation operation.’’ Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’

I have already mentioned that ideologically Baidhya faction has parted from the revolutionary path and organizationally it is heading toward liquidation.  In fact, just they are pretending to be the follower of MLM and NDR, so that, they could be able to keep their cadres silence. It is not the allegation, Baidhya's opinion regarding the relief operation is enough to understand   their ideological stand. 

Ideologically  Baidhya faction has gone bankrupt. Their  ideological bankruptcy has come out  during the earthquake relief operation. Baidhya  faction announced that he will contribute 10 lakhas to the government and will assist the government relief operation.  As the English online telegraphnepal  has mentioned: “The communist veteran in a brief encounter with the press men appealed his party cadres to support government’s ongoing rescue operation in the earthquake affected districts of the country. ‘We will join hands with the government to support the ongoing rescue, relief and reconstruction and rehabilitation operation.’ ’’
We must condemn such activities and  it is a matter of pride that Nepalese people have come out in the street  raising the slogan : Go Back Indian Media, Go Back Indian Army. It is not only the matter of Indian expansionism, American imperialism also doing the similar activities in the name of relief operation. The use of drone   has produced all around annoyance against Americans.  And it is admirable that most of the Nepalese medias and progressive intellectuals are reading American activities very watchfully. People have raised the voice: Stop flying the drone, Stop the surveillance against Nepalese sovereignty.

We all know outrage has aroused throughout the country regarding inability and  inefficiency  of  the government. Victims have not realized the presence of the government in the remote area. Even the leaders of ruling party Nepali Congress  have stated the failure of government on relief operation. People are   raising fingers against partiality, unfair and corruption done in  the name of relief operation. Medias have exposed  the involvement of some leaders and cadres of ruling parties in such evil deeds.  The people of remote areas, who are badly affected and damaged by the earthquake, have not  gotten any relief material  until now. 

In such circumstances, Maoists should take the situation in their hands. Local  Party Committees and cadres should join hands with the victims, not with the foreign agencies. We must discard the role of foreign agencies and INGOs. We must raise the voice against corruption and partiality. We must learn from the history of Haiti.  But, only the CPN Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’ has joined hands with the people of remote area. The top leadership of Biplav faction has involved in relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation operation in the badly affected areas. With 300 volunteers, Biplav himself is participating in the relief operation.  Not only this, a group of revolutionary writers and cultural activists, close to Biplav faction, also has involved in the relief operation in Dhading, one of the badly damaged district.   But the leaders of Baidhya faction has no any separate plan and program  for the earthquake victims,  just they are visiting the damaged  site running  in  luxurious vehicles, guarded by  the Police officers.

I have not to say anything more about the ‘leaders’ like CP Gajurel ‘Gaurav’, Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and Dev Gurung.  They have already lost their ground in the Nepalese Maoist movement.  Now, Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ a highly respected leader within the Maoist movement and outside, also has lost his ground. One after another, most of the followers have abandoned him. What a matter of irony! A veteran leader like Kiran has gone astray. But in politics,  it happens so. When you lose the ideological base and Politics in Command, you lose everything. What will be  the next step of the Baidhya faction is not unseen. A online news portal close to Baidhya faction has spoken for the ‘national government’-a coalition government. Now it is crystal clear that Baidhya faction is following the step of Prachanda, who is crying for the ‘national government’. There is no another way for their survival. After all, birds of the same feather flock together. 

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