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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Russian politicians to remove Lenin statues- backward into the future

It is not surprising that many of the bourgeois leaders of Russia plan to take down statues of V. I. Lenin. These folks constantly want to imitate the west.  By now most of the people in the Soviet Union are getting used to the bourgeois gangster parties that run their affairs.
Actually removing all the statues will be like trying to remove historical time pieces from the country. But to be western is to constantly rewrite history and emphasizing that which is important to the present leadership.
According to RT:

"Memorials to such “a controversial figure” should be re-located in museums or alleys with statues of other historic persons, suggested the author of the initiative, Liberal-Democratic party (LDPR) Deputy Aleksandr Kurdyumov....." 

 So they are not just going to destroy everything. But removing all the statues is still a sad state of affair.

"The time has come to get rid of Lenin’s “stranglehold” and leave only monuments that are considered true masterpieces of art and only in those places where local population want to see them, the LDPR lawmaker insists....
There no other memorials but to Lenin in Russian towns and that is “unfair” to other outstanding personalities – such as Peter the Great, General Aleksandr Suvorov, Tsar Ivan the Terrible and others."  

All the above personalities are connected to the imperial and royal past. All of those people were either tyrants or working for tyrants. I guess the Liberal-Democratic Party is interested in moving past the capitalist past all the way to feudalism. Once again we see lots of people turning history backward. Forward thinking leaders are few and far between, both in Russia and other parts of the world, today.

-សតិវ អតុ 

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