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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Contraception helps health- happiness—sex ed. panel coming to Wichita

By Julie Burkhart

We've known for a long time that access to contraception and reproductive health education lower the rate of unplanned pregnancies.  In Colorado, a recent program to allow young women access to free contraception has dramatically lowered the state's teen birth rate.  Unfortunately, anti-choice lawmakers are working to end funding for the program.  

Anti-choicers still diligently work to deny women true reproductive freedom, which inhibits a higher quality of life.  States actually save around seven dollars of public health care funding for one every dollar they spend on contraception.  

It's clear that education about contraceptive options and sexual health actually help people live healthier lives.  At South Wind Women's Center, we help every patient choose a contraceptive method for managing their fertility.  Many of our patients have not had adequate education about their reproductive health.  

Sex is still taboo in many parts of this country, and ignorance abounds. To combat this serious problem in our community, we are hosting a sex ed panel in Wichita on August 27 at 6:30 pm at the Riverside Park Villa. Our event is called S is for Sex, E is for Education and X is for XOXO. We want to provide an open community forum to discuss a variety of topics and answer questions people might have about sex and contraception.  We will have a number of reproductive health experts from the community on the panel. We want to provide a safe space for people to ask questions and learn about sexuality and sex without stigma or fear of judgment. Please click here for more information about our panel! 

Julie A. Burkhart
Founder and CEO
Trust Women and South Wind Women's Center

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