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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Crisis in Greece is not over yet

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Syriza washes his hands. It's time for people
Posted by Jose Luis Forneo 6 reviews:
Under pressure from the EU, IMF and World Bank the Greek government and Syriza
Anel ultranationalists, who form coalition, have finally decided to wash his hands, placed against the rock and the ultimatum of the troika. So, instead of returning the ball to safety that have much more to lose than the Greeks themselves, (Brussels mafia make thinking over the possibility that the Russian mafia to help Greece and the CONDIR example, opening a nightmare scenario), the timid Athens government has chosen to release the straws to decide other, employees, knowing that all means of propaganda of the system will begin to talk about the disaster to leave the euro, hell outside the EU and damnation to refuse to be a vassal of the inexorable laws of the market.

Laurentiu Iluistraci'on Ridichie
It is true that, according to the bourgeois concepts of democracy, a referendum is the ultimate expression of this and, therefore, accepting the rules of electoral politics, ask the people is, in theory, as the most. However, it's only been five months since the election, in which the Greeks charged the new government to face the pressures of the Troika (ie, international capitalism) and avoid more cuts and sacrifices. So, why a referendum if Syriza know what to do?

Actually, both responses to the referendum, could lead to a yes to the EU and, therefore, the continuation of capitalist barbarism of the Greek people, if the troika, big capital, giving just because the gangsters live not stealing the people thanks to his stupidity, but they are wise as vermin, so probably win if NO, make an alternative offer or accept directly the Greek vassalage with Syriza-Anel recipe.

As mentioned above, the international financial terrorism, represented by the troika, knows that much at stake in the negotiations with Greece playing continue to monitor the Greek people, keep plundering their public coffers, in addition to the example that this can result if finally freed from the clutches of the scavengers in Brussels and Washington, especially if Russia, stalking, luring her lap just to Greece and becomes its funder What would the rest of the people, especially in the eastern border EU, if they see that there is life beyond slavery and European submission?

The referendum, beyond the euphoria of the early days, singing to electoral democracy citizenist and Paripe the anger of European leaders, perhaps not pretend to be more than the Greek people who accept to live on his knees and, Thus, continuing cuts, looting, emptying of the budget (filled with the taxes of workers) and continue under the tyrannical boot of capital (perhaps with a slightly more friendly face, as has been done so many times in history when you had to please the slaves and avoid passing on offense).

The government seems to blackmail people with the approval of its proposal to the troika, which is the other side of the same coin. That is, it is asking the Greek people to consent to their unpopular plans, through a new agreement supposedly "improved" with the imperialist organizations or accept, directly, the ultimatum of the financial fascism.

The Greek people must reject both proposals troika as government proposals of Tsipras, because the two are barbaric. So, and based on the fact that the referendum is called, we must seize the opportunity to, in any case, vote for a resounding NO to the proposal from the EU, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, but not to accept the official alternative but to continue fighting, take to the streets, not in any case accept Syriza-Anel impose their own, in short, mean more or less the same as those of international mafias and will assume, despite the fuss assembled media at first, little more than more of the same.

No to the U.E.! No to the Euro! ! No international terrorism! This is the only possible so that the Greeks can stop option to live on their knees; and for that we must also reject attempts flirtations or Syriza-Anel agreement and pass, once on the offensive to oust the parasitic class and to be the workers who take charge of their own destiny.

It's time for people, little people:

"LITTLE PEOPLE". Mikis Theodorakis

Little people fight
without swords or bullets
so that everyone has bread,
light and music.
Under his tongue keeps
their groans and cheers
but while pretending singing
broken stones

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