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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Of the fascist attack in Suruç / Turkey

Translated with Google;

Wide international solidarity against the fascist terror attack Suruç First images of young martyred in the attack fascist ISIS In the fascist attack in Suruç / Turkey (Kurdish name: Pirsûs), before yesterday are at least 32 young socialists killed. 29 of them have now been identified. Their names are: Koray Çapoğlu, Cebrail Gunebakan, Hatice Ezgi Sadet, Özkan Uğur, Nartan Kılıç, Veysel Özdemir, Nazegül Boyraz, Kasım Deprem, Alper Sapan, Cemil Yildiz, Okan Pirinç, Ferdane Kılıç, Yunus Emre Sen, Çağdaş Aydın, Ali Can Vural, Osman Çiçek, Muca

ücahit Erol, medali Barutcu, Aydan Ezgi Salci Akyürek Nazli, Serhat Devrim, Ece Dinc, Emrullah Akhamur, Murat Yurtgül, Erdal Bozkurt, İsmet Şeker, Suleiman Aksu, Büşra Mete Mehmet Ali Varol, Dilek Bozkurt.
More than 100 were seriously injured. 20 of them struggle with death. They belonged to the Federation of Young Socialists (SGDF) and came from all over Turkey. They met to prepare for reconstruction operations in Kobanî. Stefan Engel, chairman of the MLPD and Chief Coordinator of the ICOR, said yesterday: "His death is a great loss to the international revolutionary youth movement and our common struggle for liberation If we set to commemorate the victims and their evaluation so determined. continuing our common struggle to achieve our revolutionary and reconstruction of Kobanî "socialist goals.
According to previous research fascist called "Islamic State" (IS) is responsible. The attack proves once again that the fight against the fascist terror of the so-called IS and other Islamic fascist organizations is far from over and has to be vigorously pursued internationally.
An important role in supporting the IS play the neo-imperialist countries Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar, for this serves as a bulwark against the "Arab Spring" and transnational revolutionary ferment. IS support with arms, money and logistics. The regional power Turkey neo-imperialist under Recep Tayyip Erdogan, makes IS thugs from operating from its territory. His main interest is to stop the liberation struggle of the Kurds in Rojava to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria and consolidate its role as a regional power. In addition, the old leadership of the ousted Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein played a significant role: Since the military leadership is a core of IS-guide today.
The co-chairman of the HDP in Turkey (Democratic Peoples Party), Demirtas, made a report on Turkey's role as follows: "No one should claim that the security forces were not aware of each person who has Pirsûs traveled that day. The responsibility of the transitional government of Turkey to take those days arrangements for the protection of its citizens. But while government contracts against the alleged threat by the PYD thousand soldiers on the border, other You can easily walk in on Pirsûs and perpetrate such a bomb. "
In Germany there have been protests and demonstrations yesterday, in which MLPD and Rebell have been involved. Commemoration and solidarity were an integral part of the Monday demonstrations on July 20 - along with Kurdish and Turkish friends and friends!
In the coming days more solidarity actions taking place, it is called to Germany by Kurdish organizations, the MLPD, MLCP and other progressive and anti-fascist forces. In his condolence Stefan Engel continued, "We call for a full investigation of the slaughter and the most severe punishment of those responsible."
In this sense it must be entered by insisting on achieving the following demands:
Immediate creation of a humanitarian corridor for Kobanî!
Stop the criminalization of Kurdish activists in Germany and the abolition of the ban on the PKK in Germany!

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