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Monday, August 31, 2015

Permanent People's Tribunal Against Imperialist War and NATO

Translated from Spanish by Google;

Posted by Jose Luis Forneo

The wars undertaken or funded by imperialism have caused over 16 million deaths since the end of World War II, of which 9 million in the last two decades, with 90% of civilian casualties.

Civilian victims of what the imperialists criminal called "war on terror" are 30 times more than the victims of terrorism itself, and currently there are over 50 million displaced by these conflicts.

The so-called "Western Coalition" led by the United States, and organized around its armed wing, the NATO military organization, is the main culprit of these figures. Next fall the biggest military maneuvers in the history of NATO, as evidence of the complicity of the Spanish government with the imperialist war and its crimes against the peoples will be held in Spain.

On this occasion, it will convene in Madrid a new session of the Permanent People's Tribunal Against Imperialist War and NATO, as a crime against peace and humanity must be without trial, and to call her by her real name of murderers and terrorists that direct and perpetrate what propaganda usually sold with a mean and vile cynicism as "humanitarian wars"

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