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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Visiting High Schools and Colleges with “We Are Not Your Soldiers” campaign

From World Can’t Wait:

World Can't Wait has a lot to say about the ongoing crimes of the U.S. government, and the complete lack of accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by "our" government. And we're going to school about it.

This is a call-out to those of you who are educators and students...”

Many students will be returning with an increased consciousness of the systemic injustices towards people of color in this country. That awareness, while important in its own right, should be built on to include recognizing the injustices of empire and the U.S. military in particular. And why it is neither in their interests nor those of the people of the world for them to enlist.

We would like to work with you to develop a customized presentation to your class(es) by a recent Iraq-era veteran who will forthrightly explain his own experiences, engage in discussion with the students and answer their questions. You can watch excerpts from some recent presentations in Spring 2015 at
For Southern California and NYC area: We can also arrange for a Viet Nam war resister who spent 19 months in prison, to give a historical and personal presentation. This can be done either by the resister or as a joint presentation with the recent veteran.

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