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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Indian Prime Minister Modi ducks protests- gets away with murder

It would seem by the US mainstream press that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader since Mohandas Gandhi. NPR ran an article on his visits with the US Whitehouse and the UN. What they completely left out  were huge protests claiming that people in India have been arrested without charges and Modi is responsible for repressive policies.
NPR carried no news on the thousands of protesters who came out to confront Modi. As with most of the main stream press, NPR just hid it all under the rug.

According to NPR:

"Modi's visit is designed to reinvigorate a drifting relationship between the world's two oldest and largest democracies. The Indian leader arrives on the scene accorded the status of "a rock star."

A "rock Star" to all but those he has suppressed and victims of his destructive policies. Below is an article from Democracy and Class Struggle that sheds light on all the protests carried on here in the US over this tyrants visit:
-សតិវ អតុ

September 27, 2015

San Jose, CA: September 27, 2015: Passionate crowds of protesters greeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with loud slogans and a sea of placards upon his arrival at San Jose's SAP Center for a stage-managed Silicon Valley “community reception.”

The posters, chants, and surprise banner drop challenged the Modi PR team's attempts to whitewash the controversial politician's record. The protest was the culmination of a month-long campaign to educate Silicon Valley leaders and elected officials about Modi's troubling human rights record.

The Indian American community is sharply split on Modi's performance during his first year in office, and that was obvious in the huge crowds of protesters filling up the designated protest zones and sidewalks in front of the SAP Center. As reported local channel KPIX5, Police sources estimated the number of protesters around 3,000. In addition to the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), a large progressive umbrella group, other groups also gathered in front of the SAP Center—most notably the Sikh community that showed up in large numbers.

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