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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dealing with Children- Red Foxes Germany MLPD

This following article is about a youth group in Germany. The reason I am reposting this is because Marxists here in the US need to find ways to reach children before they go to collage. We need programs to help children learn alternatives to the capitalist culture. So I explore as many of these ideas as I am able to.  -សតិវ អតុ
Translated from Spanish to English with the help of Google;

Red Foxes are a German Communist youth organization made up of children of 6-12 years. At present it is already present in 21 cities in Germany and continues to grow. Its activities consist, among other things, acts of solidarity, attend some conferences, organizing and attending summer camps youth  Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD a German Marx-Lenin-Maoist party) etc. You can then read their rules.

The rules of Red foxes

1. We, the Red Foxes are the youth group of the movement REBELL

Red Foxes
We are building the movement of red foxes. We meet frequently and are active together. We are learning, playing sport and we are all united. We strive for the future, for a peaceful and liberating, where everyone working and eating. We are in favor of friendship between peoples, environmental protection, against war and fascism. We are in solidarity with the exploited and repressed worldwide.

2. Together we are strong!

Red foxes We are very close to each other. We always support and we respect: no matter whether you're male or female, if you are a foreigner or German. We respect what we have agreed. When we play and do sports, it always give more importance to friendship than competition.

3. A red fox is always an example
We are open, honest and good companions. Each listen and learn from each other. We are courageous and humble. At school we help and we also do others.

4. We value physical work and workers

We are also helping: in all places where we can also help- at home and with family. We finance ourselves with our work.

5. We are learning to use your own head and we are maintaining assets

We learn how the world works and how you can change. Doing sports improve our skills, strength and solidarity. Through song, dance, we learn to play musical instruments, do theater, we do science experiments and learn as you drive technique. We strive to have centers of sport and youth centers that are good and free, and good schooling.

6. Each youth group is responsible for red foxes

Our leader, are treasurers and our accountants. We finance autonomously. Each red fox pay 0.50 monthly. We are collecting donations and earn our own money.

7.! Where there is now a red fox, tomorrow there will be ten!
Where are the red fox, at school, on the street, in clubs or playgrounds, new red foxes will join the group! Our youth group will become stronger and bigger!

You can be a member of the group who:
- Accepts the rules of the red foxes
- Pay the monthly fee of 0.50 Euros
- You have the signature of their parents

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