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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FARC—old state of Colombia: A false peace obituary

The following are excerpts from Partido Communista Del Ecuador-Sol Rojo;
We translated it with Google. Some parts of it had to be removed because we could not be sure if the translation was right. Posting this does not mean we automatically agree with all of it. We do want to allow of various left groups to have a fair opportunity to voice their opinions:


Since Cuba has been an issue to the news world the scope has been negotiations between the guerrillas, the Colombian government and imperialism around the "peace," understood as the demobilization of the military apparatus of the FARC (Columbian Armed Forces of Revolution).....

"In my opinion President Obama is an honest man." Raul Castro

In a grotesque and aggressive look, revolutionaries images of a revisionist agency, as Raul Castro's hands squeezing Timoleon Jimenez, commander of the FARC and Juan Manuel Santos, one of the bloodiest state representatives, repressive, corrupt and pro-imperialist in Latin America: Colombia.

When we encouraged the Communists and other peoples of the need to fight against the reformist regimes, particularly those who raised the discourse of "socialism of the XXI century," the "citizens' revolution" or so-called "Bolivarian revolution", we did realize that these processes were unrelated to the requirements of the proletarian masses and oppressed peoples of the world....

...This bailout could only be carried out from the revolutionary discourse pseudo, "anti-imperialist" anyway was established in the only way to involve more dynamic a strategic partner as revisionism and opportunism to mobilize the masses in that social democratic adventure, and certainly deepen the ideological disarmament of grassroots organizations so that they lose their ability to respond or fight against these true monsters of imperialism.

Without losing objectivity, the fight against these pseudo "revolutionary" also extended to the armed expression of reformism. And undoubtedly the Colombian guerrillas have favored this trend. They have colluded with José Morales, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Dilma Rousseff and others to boost regimes that have ways to deepen the conditions of oppression of nations and deepen the landowner bourgeois democracy as a breath of bureaucratic capitalism.

The regime of Rafael Correa, Ecuador, after folding of caring for the imperialist plan to combat the insurgency and mobilize the border with Colombia to more than eleven thousand troops, had dropped many fighters, if any captured and handed way the government Colombian, he was also careful to state that "the armed struggle in Colombia is a failure, that is the time to establish a dialogue.

"If you ever wanted to achieve FARC social justice through armed struggle, since that target was missed, it is now or never that the FARC and other Colombian irregular groups can achieve peace and do something good for Colombia and the entire continent "(...)" God grant that this peace process that has begun to reach a successful conclusion "

...Hugo Chavez, beyond its flamboyantly red speech, "imperialism", "revolutionary" not out of the footprint and restorative walk to argue that:

"I believe the Colombian guerrillas should seriously consider the call of some of us who have done respectfully. The world today is not the same world of the 60s I do not think there are conditions in Colombia for them in the foreseeable future to take power."

Perhaps Evo Morales, Bolivia, was the one who knew the simplified revisionist thinking when he said, "this is not the time to take up arms. What good would that leave Colombia's FARC weapons and as well as our countries, [make] a democratic and cultural revolution! ". This is the core of the new imperialist strategy. After the surrender, demobilization and peace agreements, promote the idea that the armed struggle was relegated to the past, that the way to "power" is electoral, peaceful and "democratic". And make no mistake exploited workers and oppressed peoples of the world, if imperialism, reaction and revisionism endorse this way is precisely because it is improper for the proletariat, oppressed peoples and nations."

But the FARC not only came with the Latin American reformism. (Collaboration) with the Pope and his new crusade; Cuban revisionism and of course, imperialism, who ultimately has accredited the process of "peace".

The Cuban revisionism today is more brazen, more anti-revolutionary, anti communist and rigged more in its religious-papal spirit of old data has been incidental and decisive in this whole bankruptcy. It has become the solid catalyst between armed revisionism, revisionism disarmed, the old state and imperialism. From there the clamp is closed to realize the political ambush revolutionary and drag to live the "freedoms" that professes US imperialism and the constitutional illusion of bourgeois democracy.

The influence of Fidel Castro in the FARC has been permanent. It is shown most clearly after the crisis caused by the kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt by the FARC.

About Fidel Castro recurrently "he called" to the FARC to release the prisoners, including the candidate for president of Colombia. I. Betancourt. Just before this happens and the repressive apparatus of Colombia released into the hold, Castro went on to state that: "a chapter of peace for Colombia, a process Cuba has been supporting for more than 20 years ago as the most suitable for the unit is opened and liberation of the peoples of our America, using new ways in the complex and special circumstances, after the collapse of the USSR ".

Clearly as Castro operates as an ideological demobilizing openly aligning the reactionary and imperialist discourse.

Fidel Castro says, for 20 years who were working for collaborating with imperialism to "surrender" to the FARC, extol bourgeois "peace" and send the junk to the Colombian insurgency beyond its genesis[1] live the excesses opportunists of their commanders. Today, under the ideological umbrella Khrushchev revisionists have the Renegade Kautsky farces of which feed to sustain hoaxes like winning a majority in parliament to demand government concessions to the proletariat, negating the need for urgent and unavoidable destruction the old state as absolute requirement in the construction of new power. By contrast, ends nesting on state reform, strengthen the outdated system of government where certain claims are intended to boot for the masses who solves nothing class antagonisms.

But when living the FARC under the direction of the traitorous commander becomes a process in lowering historically. In addition to the limitations of his program, political myopia and especially the ideological ambiguity it has prevailed focoism and petty bourgeois militarism, of course, understood this not as a military concept but as a political conception that stays essentially a petty-bourgeois class vision society and war, diametrically opposed to the vision and strategy of the proletariat appearance.

Treason FARC? We believe that has basically been the commander of the FARC who have betrayed their fighters and people. Why?, because the poor peasants and the people who have militated and / or supported this process did so because they felt that it had an alternative struggle against state power, misery, hunger, unemployment.

The commander of the FARC betrayed the thousands of guerrillas who died convicted of "revolution" and were drawn to make the supreme sacrifice in the name of "revolution" without even thinking that this process is not going to be but a small bourgeois euphemism that sooner or later he would have the corollary it has today...

...We must analyze what happened with the Patriotic Union in 1985, where the FARC and other guerrilla groups converged on an electoral intent and still there, in the spaces of bourgeois permeability mobility had not waiting for the old state bureaucracy.

 There is nothing extraordinary to highlight in this process, except that the reaction and imperialism take advantage of these "political variants" to show the world that the armed path is exhausted, the "peaceful" road to "socialism" and that social transformation can and should rise from the electoral, bureaucratic political stage.

Surely in this rows of guerrillas fighters have honest, ideologically wrong but honest, disagreement over who are giving their commanders up. And certainly they want to continue with the armed struggle. But the fighting will not reach without correct ideology, method and objectives consistent with the contradictions that exist within Colombia. Any vital effort will be irrelevant and unnecessary if continuity is given to the historical error that has been dragging the command of the FARC for more than five decades.

 The guerrillas who refuse to continue the disarmament and surrender nothing but it will print to the war, a shift that lead on the path of People's War, which is the people's war led by a true Communist Party.

The radical method (armed struggle) is not synonymous with the political and ideological proposal, radical or transformative. Not because the FARC have been the oldest and numerous American guerrillas; because they have deployed successful battles against the repressive forces of Colombia means that your program takes you further. No way, radicals in the method but not ideologically but guns firing wet gunpowder, reformist levities that are not antagonistic to the old state.... More than 300 people dead, displaced, entire villages delivered to the ferocity of the state apparatus, the paramilitary and all in the name of a revolutionary hyperbole has no different, from epitaph Rats, MODAVEF in Peru, the FMLN, FSLN and other guerrillas ended subservient to imperialism perfecting the old bourgeois democracy is presented as yet permeable to his detractors, and as bearers of reform processes and shapers, true conjurers of some revolution, one addressed by the proletariat and knows no goal or objective that is we communism through People's War.
What next?

Peace. As Obama said in unison with Raul Castro: "Peace." Yes, it is true, peace between the old state, the commander of the FARC and imperialism. This does not at all mean peace for the people. But be clear, it is a peace stuck with drool, a peace desktop. And do not come here with that speech that the guerrillas demobilized from the Congress or any other bourgeois stage will require a revolutionary agrarian reform as "conditions" the capitulatory command. No, that does not exist, it will not happen, because to say that's going against the most basic principles of Marxism, not understanding or being too knave to think that the old bourgeois-landlord state will usher in a reform that demobilized the proposed or proclaim or because at this point in history to a clueless commander would think that in the XXI century the bourgeoisie can be revolutionary and a stroke democratize the means of production eliminate semi-feudalism and as if that were not enough to take a process of national liberation. That will not happen, definitely.

 Land reform without power in the hands of the proletariat to ensure the elimination of production relations precarious, semi-feudal, it's nothing, no leads nowhere, it is a mirage. It's true. The old state accommodate any reform or "revolution" to the dictatorship that is exercised in the state system.

"It is not yet peace, we have not yet signed the agreement" ... Timoleon Jimenez...the commander of the FARC, simplifies the "signature" of a document that will have been considered saturated, the fundamental contradictions that exist in Colombia (continue).

What does the capitulatory commander of the FARC get in exchange for the firm? Among others, seats for municipal councils and departmental assemblies. Agrarian reform. Delivery of weapons, this beyond the traitors commanders speak of "dereliction of weapons" in semantic terms amounts to the same. Addressing drug-treatment issue. Ie commanders joined the efforts of the state, the DEA (imperialism) to control drug trafficking.

One wonders what the FARC is willing to do to be attached to the old bourgeois-landlord democracy? What would you deliver the old state? Very, very much: the blood of thousands of fighters that the speech of the Bolivarian "revolution" is believed. Hundreds of thousands missing, tortured, imprisoned, displaced. Not only that, but you must demand the release of detainees and change its fighters to be tolerantbe "condescending" with paramilitaries and released gradually allow paramilitary commanders accused of the most heinous crimes imaginable (free). Also, the command will capitulatory to "deal" with dissidents, then the command will eventually become informers nest of those fighters who do not believe in the process, that elementally "war" of narco-paramilitary regime and certainly the state....

...The FARC and the ELN may sign their demobilization under the discourse of peace, this does not mean that in Colombia they have been discharged of fundamental contradictions:

Nation-imperialism? Absolutely. The Colombian state is perhaps the most faithful servant and lackey of US imperialism. Not only that, it is his brakeman in South America, its instrument violent.
Proletariat-big bourgeoisie? The regime of exploitation of workers remains without change. On the contrary, the process of monopolization of the means of production is in ascent. Levels of exploitation of the proletariat in Colombia are becoming ever more dramatic.

Mass-semifeudalism? The land has been disputed by the state, landowners, paramilitaries, drug traffickers and guerrillas, found in the control of land, production and the displacement of poor farmers an interesting figure to fund economic "revolution" or paramilitary violence. It is, no progress was made in terms that would sustain the conditions that generate revolutionary violence have been eliminated....

....he incidence has the realization of peace agreements in Latin America it is important. In Ecuador the hurry revisionism shown, it is pronounced. The PCMLE declares that "the political struggle demands the use of all forms and means of action". Sure, in a biased manner they argue that the most important is the armed struggle but it does so from the permanent electioneering and sustained effort that have never rid.

The Ecuadorian Communist Party has shown more direct from their revisionism: "The Ecuadorian Communist Party welcomes the historic decision reached between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC-EP to move forward in the political and negotiated solution to Colombian armed conflict, and we commend the resolute support and frontal Cuban government as a mediator in the negotiation process. "

And it is from this speech here in Ecuador, which historically has been used as a "back office" of the Colombian guerrillas, the capitulation process undertaken by the command of the FARC will be used over and over again for wanting to delegitimize the proletarian struggle, and popular peasant. The revolutionary violence, the people's war will be displayed as untimely, as the way "designed" to be defeated and pallets of bourgeois democracy, the bureaucratic way to demobilize the class and the people will rise.

"Some people ridicule us qualifying us supporters of the theory of the omnipotence of war. Yes, we are in favor of the theory of revolutionary war; it is not bad; It is good, is Marxist. " Chairman Mao Tse-tung

There will be no peace while Colombia is a semi-colonial, semi feudal. There will be no peace as long as there is exploitation of one class to another. There will be no peace while Colombia is a nation oppressed by imperialism. No peace lie to the poor peasants have no access to land ownership is now working in the service of any of the actors in the violent war in Colombia. But try to be more objective yet, there can be no peace as long as the proletariat and its allies do not have the power in their hands....

The proletariat and people of Ecuador in solidarity with the proletariat and people of Colombia, historically exploited, oppressed and attacked by imperialism, the big bourgeoisie, large landowners colluded with revisionism and opportunism.

The Communist Party of Ecuador Sol-Red greets the Maoists in Colombia and in full internationalist demonstration adds to the efforts of the proletariat and people of Colombia, the fighters betrayed, oppressed people, to strengthen the subjective conditions for accelerated development the People's War in Colombia, always under aegis of the proletariat and the service of the Great World Proletarian Revolution.


VIVA Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

[1] The genesis of the FARC are linked to the precepts of Marquetalia and to some extent responded to the legitimate demands of the poor and exploited in the second half of last century peasants.

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