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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The following is from Partido Communista Del Perὐ:

                The Communist Party of Peru honors the memory and pays solemn tribute to the 30 heroes, prisoners of war the British Pavilion Shining Trench of Combat de Lurigancho who gave their lives on 4 October 1985. Wasting tenacity and heroism conquered for Party and the Revolution Day Pow!

                The fighters of the People's War Become Sound detainees prisoners of war, facing and overcoming torture, rape, inhumane conditions, plans of annihilation, retaliation and even genocide, made with various struggles for their rights the sordid dungeons of reaction into Shining Trenches of Combat . The background to the October 4 highlight the joint struggle of the prisoners at El Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao of July 13, 1985, which tore the Belaunde government recognition of the status of "special prisoners" achievement embodied in A record 24 points on 17 July of the same year. This conquest was answered by the APRA government, that no sooner took office prepared the revenge starting deny the signed certificate, then machined and assembled the first genocide in criminal premeditation and days before the anniversary of the Party (October 7), attacking Prisoners with special forces, under the pretext of a search. This infamous and cowardly attack was carried out by special forces of the Republican Guard who launched banned phosphorous bombs with which they fired at the prisoners. After killing them as they were unrecognizable, they kidnapped the remains and buried them secretly without identifying, communicating the day after his disgrace to the family; leaving today to 26 unmarked graves in the cemetery Master Priest. It is recalled here that 27 days after the prisoners demanded respect for their special status prisoners and their fight Oct. 31 successfully completed the ratification of the document signed on July 17, signed by inmates, a representative of the Court of Execution Criminal's Deputy Justice Minister and a representative of the Congress; which meant greater success the previous and fallen obtained an accomplishment beyond their lives.

                All already it is known 23 years ago the war ended and the PCP develops in political struggle without arms, calling for Solution Policy, General Amnesty and National Reconciliation; however, the Peruvian government has opposed this and has opted for a military solution and repressive cost of lives of which answers the same Peruvian State. Not having opted for a political solution, it has deepened the repression against political prisoners both in prison and released as strengthening rather than repeal the anti-subversion law, violating the democratic system; persisting with all that in using the issue of so-called terrorism to suppress the people's struggle, especially political persecution unleashed against Marxism argue going against freedom of opinion, freedom of thought contained in the current Constitution of Peru. A clear example of this repressive policy is to have concocted new facts and judgments required, as in the case of Osman Morote, Margot Liendo and Victoria Trujillo, who were found beaten his 25-year sentence exceeding two years in detention. Hatch also prevent the freedom of all political prisoner who serve his sentence for that riding a black McCarthy campaign.

                This repressive policy is contrary to the trend that is catching on in Latin America to seek political solutions such amnesties which we are seeing in the peace agreements between the Colombian government and the FARC. Or the minds and restoring relations between the United States and Cuba, in addition to the agreements reached between Western powers and Iran; which expresses the retrograde and reactionary positions of the Peruvian right-wing background hiding its warlike character. In short, what policy applies? No amnesty, not release the enforcement of sentences, not reintegration into society, and even the prohibition to honor their fallen, honor and keep her memory. The Party and the people have the right to keep their own memory!

                This time we can not fail to rule on the Closing of the Military Criminal Callao Naval Base, where 23 years ago remains in isolation and absolute isolation of Chairman Gonzalo, Leader of the Party and the Revolution whatever their situation. To this we add respect for their rights and we reaffirm fight for their freedom.

                Today, the 30th anniversary of the Day of the Prisoner of War, our heroes cry for freedom is a right! and the Party and the people assume.


Peru, October 2015
Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru

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