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Friday, October 23, 2015

The People's War of Iraq (2006-2009)

The following article is from an Iraq Maoist group I used to follow many years ago. This article was translated from Persian to Spanish to English using Google. I hope it reads well.
This groups is well worth following.


Much has been written and spoken about Iraq, the imperialist war waged by the US in 2003, pillaging and military occupation by the conquerors in the years ... But little or nothing has been explained on the anti-imperialist resistance developed in this country. Few people are knowledgeable in it for more than four years, a popular national liberation war (2006-2009) was developed.
The communist movement but weak and reduced active in part in the armed struggle of those years. One Anti-imperialist Front, within which stressed the Marxist-Leninist organization-MLR Iraq (Iraq-Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary) was established. Small but militant organization that I spend in the war against imperialism had 46 martyrs. Currently it is recovering from the heavy casualties and ends the training and formation of new revolutionary cells in order to restore his strength.
MLR has presence in Iraq network through its page, page describing the situation in Iraq and internationally during the period from 2006 to 2011. For more current news page can see the Iraqi Then I share MLR Iraq two articles on the development of people's war in Iraq translated with google translator from Persian into Spanish, describing several battles of 2007 and 2008. It makes it a little difficult to understand but their general ideas are understandable .

Long Live Popular War in Iraq

Long live the Communist movement and red Soran Front Maoist Revolutionary Front red stars ... ..
Thoarna Almaoan Iraqi revolutionary communists could direct its missiles against US mice nests Maliki government !!!!!!
The first time that a group of rebels in front guys Champions red stars by firing rockets headquarters address nests customers and their headquarters area masters black mice and rats Americans have become today call! And not green.
On this day, the 06/21/2007, the first revolutionary process inside and the center of the city of Baghdad and the firm heroin was bombarded with missiles against the headquarters of the rats nest of the Government of the US occupation of Iraq.
Dear Iraqi people, al-Majid and strong hero of this true and faithful people who were and are together in the struggle and the struggle of the Popular Revolutionary Army march with all the possibilities available and simple, here we announce with pride and glory given our colleagues all necessary assistance in the implementation of our process is for the children of our children from poor fans of our class.
As we pledged our firm struggle and struggle and Iraqi socialist principles and our martyrs and heroes walk Rafiqatna peers and continue the march of national liberation armed popular revolution for national independence and build a socialist just humanitarian system.
Forward Eattoarna Iraqi heroes of your people with you, you are with the Iraqi people and for victory under the banner of the Iraqi armed popular revolution
Front rebels boys red stars are attacking US and Iraqi detachment in the district of Amil

On behalf of the class of the region and the interests of our fans caste in the poor district of Amil, a peer group Thoarana in front of the red stars on 02/17/2007 monitoring and control assemblies detachments Iraqi invaders and mercenaries Albichermacaih feudal Alborzanah Zionism and Taliban who practice Hitler Nazi methods against the sons of our people of the United States, the Iraqi patient !!! !!
Grenades, guns and rocket attack on the ground were fascist detachment, was killed on the spot !! Thoarna Mwagahm retreat was safe !!
Ghozi and shame and death to the fascist occupation and the Zionist gangs mercenary Peshmerga Alammerakh !!!!
Gloria and appreciation and kisses Thoarna front men Champions Red Star
And forward in the march of armed popular revolution for the liberation and socialism !!!

Iraqi Red Star Front:
Thoarna Almaoan Iraqi comrades attacked the US in one of the Nazi criminal gangs Hatem Abdel-Razzaq al-Qaeda
Thoarna comrades Champions Red Star Almaoan Front carried out the ambush proceedings against a group affiliated with Al Qaeda gangs who led the American Nazi criminal Hatem Abdul Razzaq client in Mahmudiya, in 05/26/2007, which was to blow his secret plant rockets and hand grenades and light weapons, which led to kill every terrorist group around $ 15 criminal sectarian.
Through this Blagna warn not to approach our lines comrades Althurin Iraqi Almaoan and the stopping of the barbarian, sectarian and national aggression, ethnic torturing and killing the sons of our people, the Iraqi brave and strong in all regions of Iraq, and now we are aware of them in their own nests, and monitor partners Alankuloamraky and Iran's occupation and the occupying armies.
We committed national and internationalism our principles and our people and our fellow heroes of the martyrs to continue our struggle against the occupation and its collaborators of the occupation and guerrilla occupation through contest the revolutionary struggle of the people's revolution Iraqi armed armed national liberation and independence, as well as the construction of the socialist system of civilization, and we have no other choice. Red stars Maoist front
Soran red rifles RUF hugs
Red stars Front revolutionary rifles.

A group of supporters of red Soran front of the headquarters of an armed attack in the Peshmerga Alborzanah Kara Tepe Boukhanqan pretty Attack!
And as a result the result of an initial attack in which 19 members of the Allied occupation forces Peshmerga and wounded about 13 others on your part Jabbar Yawar, spokesman for the Peshmerga said that the attack killed came across an armed group He got out of the car and ran what he called the First Regiment of the Fourth Brigade of the Peshmerga, but played down the figures the dead and said the attack was the result is the death of eight of the Peshmerga.
Almaoan Iraqi communist rebels breaking a US military vehicle on the road between modern and pubic !!!!!!
A group of Iraqi communist rebels Almaoan Front of stars in the red revolutionary process 06/14/2007 carry out the attack with rockets land in one of the mechanics of US military occupation vehicles which led to the burning and destroy and kill all its members. Firm and heroic Iraqi people are with you dear in the war of liberation and freedom from oppression and exploitation and US terrorism and English and Iranian and Alamenbah banditry gangs and police apparatus and its army of mercenaries US and Iran but unfortunately Aracan Hubble Mgduaan ignorant masters and some dollars and corrupt handful Altomanat. Hello Alstzj idiots and carrying out the orders of the Americans to kill his own people children, women, mothers, youth and the elderly, as well as torture and displacement, sexual violation and steal the simplest needs the poor and non-poor households.
All that is taking place from the bombing and destruction, murder and sabotage against our people and the Iraqi territory and cities, towns and rural areas both north and south and east and west behind the trio is occupation and parts, which jnha and manufacture of the occupation and the government support are cartoons for thieves
Champions Almaoan Thoarna Iraqi communist comrades carried out a military operation to fly the revolutionary armed with missiles and ground attack on a US military truck
P Salman Pak area outside the city limits of Baghdad 06062007 stop destroying and burning the truck and killing its driver
Our strong Iraqi dictatorship suffered Systems reactionary and bourgeois regime was today Raisha criminal Saddam suffering and here our people Alsaberahtlal three terrorists and criminals and Iranian Americans and English and of the apartheid system in the right direction at the expense of the poor in our class and wage earners deceived and lied in the name of terrorism, but they are terrorists and murderers and thieves who carried out the bombing automotive operations and the development of improvised explosive devices and bombs and understanding of private workers and salaried areas as well as in their working areas, some private markets are themselves popular with bands of mercenaries with their masters and the Americans and the British Iron.

Thoarna Maoists attacked a police inspection Communist detachment of colonial occupation mercenaries Alankuloamraki
After the occupying armies of the Iraqis and their clients in police and army closing all ports and the entrances and exits in and out of the city district of Dora in Baghdad after an armed confrontation with the heroes of the masses of our people left the city Enduring Revolution General herds Berber armies of imperialism and Bsatilha Iraqi police and army have begun filling and closing of all roads, by sending detachments of inspection and control the effects of non-citizens access to medical care and food for Nahecm blackout
So our front has taken a revolutionary decision in order to open one of these roads closed.

So I went to a peer group in place at dawn on the morning of 30 \ 3 \ 2008 scheduled launch our attack fellow with guns and grenades and face the heroic response to the fascist enemy Vtm kill all members of the detachment and grab their weapons to fellow return safely. Red stars strikers.

For the rest in Spanish click here.

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