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Saturday, November 21, 2015

France—Nothing special to say about the latest events ...

I thought it was important to post something from an organization from France. This was translated with Google and it is not that easy to read. But it is a good article. I really like a slogan here; "Their war, our dead." The fight with ISIS is not really our war and we really don't need to take part in it or rally behind the governments fighting it. It is a battle between ISIS and imperialist western powers, such as France. The reason for this attack was caused by France's involvement in the attacks on ISIS territory. That is not to say that we on the left should support ISISfar from that. ISIS is not our ally. Their attacks on innocent civilians are not a legitimate from of warfare. But that is the problems of the national governments of the West. They started the war and only they can end it.

Nothing special to say about the latest events ...
Serve in Reflections by communists / World Design November 15, 2015 at 17:16

... That what we already have written at the time of the attacks in January - see our archive of this month, of which almost 80% of articles were devoted to the subject. Especially since it may be a real danger, much more than to be in the range of a new carnage ... to communicate about what happened a point revolutionary view: remember that the state of emergency was declared indefinitely throughout the hexagonal territory and Corsica.

We even had to tell the truth, in a paragraph, announced what just happened - that jihadist elements do not hit specific targets but randomly in the street, not with explosive charges to always random result (such as yet the attacks showed the Stade de France) but with automatic weapons of war ... that fascist "many home" are responsible to provide:

"There is one last thing that one could retort, is the" angelic "," but still it's crazy, you are completely unaware, there are people running around with automatic weapons and who have declared war on our society, "or else" it does not even shock you a little when it happened? "... Well, rest assured: if the above (be" conscious "to be" shocked ") is a way (a bit poor incidentally ...) to say" be afraid "YES as an all-e-e-e we all fear (human feeling that it would be ridiculous wanting to hide) YES the next one perspective "cardboard" to the weapon of war unfolds blindly in the street when we go through here has touched our minds ... But we do not "fear" THAT "z'islamistes" and not since yesterday or a few weeks. We began 2015 by saying that "the relative carelessness of the early century is now behind us, the second half of the year 2010 begins announces difficult times but also decisive "; we are aware for years that we will every day a little more towards a society disintegrates and plunges into the dark night of reaction as a result of the general crisis of capitalism; we live (in spite of ourselves!) in a country at war on a planet in undeclared World War (War redivision of the world that is the norm for over a century, peace is the exception) ... The "threat" for us is not just (unfortunately) a few Kalashnikovs bearded, as it is called fascism, police state, etc. etc. ; and again, in our Western Hexagon, compared to some countries we are not the worst off. We are political activists of the revolution, we want to liberate humanity from its oppressors and nothing that implies (without even having to say it, like the air we breathe) to fear for himself and his comrades to each moment. This is probably, in fact, precisely what did not understand the unfortunate Charlie Hebdo: the world of the 21st century we live IS NOT A JOKE! "

Nothing special to say about the latest events ...
We really need support with all our strength this movement "Their war, our dead" emerges, to block the road to the new "#JeSuisCharlie" the permanent state of emergency fragrance looming (see also here, uplifting, or here - already from January - on the possibility of a "hunting conspiracy theories" that - not to the least defend past - could well mean prohibition of any opinion, any reflection and restoration because, in short, everything "with his head thinking" outside the official discourse on current events).

This has absolutely nothing surreal ... since it is exactly the kind of healthy reaction that led to the Spanish State, after the attacks, massacres of March 2004, the fall of the Aznar government (which was even a miserable time trying to incriminate the Basques ...) when it emerged that the attacks were a response to jihadist military involvement in Iraq, rejected at the time by 90% of the Iberian population (PSOE Zapatero government, winner of the elections three days later, order the withdrawal of troops and since then there has been no more attacks "Islamist" major - even thwarted - in the Spanish state, even though it still had strength engaged in Afghanistan ... like how things were totally unlike the related shit debit once again the sad lords "materialistic" finkielkrau-onfraysiens - that no one can somehow take seriously as we have already said ***) [Read here the great article of Free Areas that also his parallel and also mentions the difficulty here in "France", a simple "change" through the ballot box as "Spain" ... since "our" "Zapatero" are already in power (which can then be the "alternative"?)].


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