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Sunday, November 08, 2015

More election rebellion in Europe— Portugal and Catalonia

It would seem there may be some shake ups in Europe today. For example, in The Parliament of Catalonia:

"FIRST.- Confirms that the democratic mandate obtained in the elections of September 27th of 2015 is founded on a majority of seats of the parliamentary forces which have as goal that Catalonia becomes an independent state and with a wide pro-sovereignty majority in both votes and seats that demands the opening of a constituent process not subordinated.

SECOND.- Declares solemnly the beginning of the process of creation of the independent Catalan state with the form of a republic." 
Yes, a part of Spain has just voted to pull away from the main government and start a new independent government. The Catalonian's have done what the Scottish in the UK were afraid to do. They have declared themselves into independence."

Is this for real? It is hard to say. Only time will tell.

And this is not the only break from the status quo in Europe.

A coalition of communist, socialists and another left-wing party are about to take control of Portugal. Are these groups actually left-wing? Is the Communist Party really communist? Again, we can't really be sure. They have been labelled  "anti-EU Communists" in the press. Maybe they will be as the Socialist-Communist coalition that ran France when François Mitterrand was elected prime minister. Then again, maybe this coalition will seriously take on the austerity pogroms and break with the status quo. Such movements have been taking place in Greece, Spain and now Portugal.
No mater what happens there are cracks in the system. Even if these new coalitions and alliances don't keep their promises, the European voters have made it clear they want change. 

According to The Telegraph:

" The left-wing coalition would be led by Socialist party leader Antonio Costa - a moderate who has promised to adhere to the bail-out terms set by the country's former creditor powers.
But anti-austerity forces are set to derail Portugal's fiscal consolidation by raising the minimum wage, and reversing cuts to social security and pensions. The Left have also renounced the terms of the EU's Fiscal Compact and could force Mr Costa into slashing VAT rates and scrap cuts to public sector wages."

So far the  Syriza coalition in Greece was the fist left-wing coalition to break with the standard Bourgeois politics of Europe. Whether this is a significant break or just a temporary rebellion as in Greece— we can only wait to find out.


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