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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Peace & Social Justice Center Annual Dinner & Meeting -2015

This organization has done a lot of good work to help end imperialism. I suggest anyone in this area go to this event, in Wichita, KS.- សតិវ​អតុ 

“Why Sustainability Needs Wichita 

by Dr. Russell Arben Fox
Peace & Social Justice Center Annual Dinner & Meeting
Friday, December 4, 6:00 pm
Lorraine Ave. Mennonite Church, 655 S. Lorraine Ave, Wichita

Please RSVP by Dec. 1st. Space is limited! 

     Dr. Russell Arben Fox is has long been interested in sustainable communities and his studies have led him to see Wichita as occupying an important space in how we can move our economic systems (globally, nationally, and locally) in a more sustainable direction. He is spearheading the effort to bring Ma’ikwe Ludwig--an expert on community building and learning how to live a more local and more environmentally sustainable life—to Wichita in spring 2016.  Ma'ikwe is part of the Dancing Rabbit Sustainable Community in northern Missouri; see their website here:  Dr. Fox will be introducing the project and issues in urban sustainability at the Peace Center annual dinner.  Hope you can share the evening with us!  Vegan/Vegetarian Dinner - $25.  Please RSVP at 316 263-5886 or email by Dec. 1st. 

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