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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Brazil- No more evictions, torture, disappearances and killings of peasants in Rondonia

From Maoist_Revolution:
A Google translation:
INVITATION - Public Hearing
No more evictions, torture, disappearances and killings of peasants in Rondonia and the whole country!
Day 14 December 2015
Auditorium Paulo Freire - campus Unite - BR 364 Km 9.5 - Porto Velho

On May 27, a war apparatus with heavily armed police and even a helicopter dumped less than 40 families of Cashew Camp 1, Machadinho D'Oeste. A policeman gave an accidental shot that fortunately did not hit any worker.
70 families of Camp Rancho Alegre 2, Pimenta Bueno, can be evicted at any time, despite the provisional title to the lands on behalf of the landowner have been canceled and the area passed to Incra. Also threatened with eviction 60 families since 2007 living and working in their plots in the area Terra Boa in Rio Crespo.
On November 5, a mega operation of the military police, the GOE - Special Operations Group and Intelligence Unit arrested the farmer José Geraldo, known as Pernambuco, for involvement with land taken in The obroma.
On November 4, eight heavily armed and hooded gunmen invaded the camp Paulo Justino in Ariquemes, destroyed cars and motorcycles, humiliated and tortured about 25 peasants, including women. In the neighborhood, they broke into houses and approached peasants on the road, robbing and threatening to kill those who do not tell where families camped after the eviction.
Farmers reported that 20 heavily armed men, wearing masks, camouflage and vest, shot several times against Camp August 13 in Alto Paraiso. Most criminals are military police Ariquemes, girlfriend of friends landowner Francis Gutenberg, which is prison guard.
A neighbor peasant Area May 10, in Buritis, are suffering reprisals for having ceded his place to the families camped after eviction in 2014: it had a fence cut off a 9000 real bull dead and two houses burned. Neighbors trades have suffered violent approaches to military police arriving at high speed and wielding rifles, send up women and children lie on the floor, humiliate and attack.
On November 11, two residents of the Bacuri area in Cujubim, suffered an assassination attempt, probably by gunmen Degmar the landlord, who says owner of the area. Mauricio peasant took a shotgun blast 16 that broke her arm and pierced the abdomen, underwent surgery and survived.
In September 2014, two peasants were kidnapped and tortured for several days by the landowner and former mayor of Vilhena Heladio Senn and his heavily armed gunmen. Military police refused to accompany a committee of lawyers, teachers, students and peasants who secured the rescue. The landowner and gunmen came to be arrested, but were released then.
Since the 11th of November is gone the peasant Valdecy Padilha, area on May 10. Residents suspect that he was kidnapped and killed by the neighboring landowner Alencar gunmen. They have attacked, threatened and took parts of lots of several workers, including Valdecy.
On 22 November, the peasant leader Terezinha Nunes Meciano and her husband Matthew Anderson dos Santos were murdered at home in Élcio Machado Area in Monte Negro. Gunmen are possibly at the behest of the association of newly established landowners in Jamari Valley to halt the acquisition of land. The next day, the web page Rondônia VIP published several slurs against the victims and the LCP.
The Glebas Rio Alto and San Sebastian amount to approximately two hundred thousand hectares that stretch for 7 municipalities do Jamari Valley. For over 20 years, Incra cut them into lots of "land reform", but never delivered the peasants. The lands were illegally occupied by landowners as Nadir Jordan dos Reis, who says the owner of Monte Verde area, with all the support of Incra and "justice."
In December 2014, the landowner Caubi Quito Moreira admitted in testimony for Ariquemes delegate who hired 10 police officers to make gunmen services. He says the owner of the land area on May 10.
In October 2014, the National Agrarian Ombudsman released a police report acknowledging that thugs, militias, prison guards and heavily armed police are hired to carry out private security on farms Buritis region, under the command of a former commander of the 7th Battalion PM possibly Colonel Ênedy Dias de Araújo. In July, he was appointed by the governor Confucius Moura / PMDB, for the PM sub-command Rondônia, but did not take action by prosecutors.
In late October the Ombudsman Agrarian National Gercino José met with representatives of public security of the state government and had the gall to congratulate the military police for crime prevention in the field and to pledge funds to help in police operations. In a meeting with farmers, he said that as soon as the land area May 10 to be delivered to families, begin to punish the peasants responsible for the atrocities that have taken place in the region. Does not say a word about the terror imposed by landowners, gunmen and police, nor about the fact Rondônia be the state champion of rural violence in 2014.
Gercino is directly Luiz Inacio / Dilma / PT. During the 13 years of the PT management worsened the agrarian situation in Brazil: nearly paralyzed the expropriation of large estates, increased the concentration of land and the number of murdered peasants. This coupled with the severe economic crisis experienced by the country, grows the acquisition of land. In turn, the landowners increment violence in an attempt to keep your system is what's most backward in the country.
It needs a strong popular pressure to put an end to this rising tide of violence in the countryside and this real hunt for peasant leaders, committed by landowners and governments Luiz Inacio / Dilma / PT and Confucius Moura / PMDB. You who are hardworking, activist of democratic movements, you that does not conform to injustice, attend the Public Hearing.

The peasants want land, not repression!
Fight for the land is not a crime!

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