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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Brazil- Francimar de Souza is murdered!

Urgent complaint!

This is a Google translation:

From LigadosCamponesesPobres;
December 12, 2015
Peasants Camp Paulo Justino in Alto Paraiso, informed the headquarters of the LCP camped Francimar de Souza was killed on 11 December 2015, possibly by gunmen landowners Caio Brito and Antonio Faitaroni. Francimar was only 21 and was killed by gun shots and stabbing.
Recently, gunmen Caio Brito / Antonio Faitaroni attacked the employee of a neighboring farmer who worked on the border with the San Antonio farm. Probably the gunmen thought he was a peasant and beat him brutally. He was found by a co-worker that came out in your search. The victim could not even stand and had to be bailed out in a car. According to information from camping, the employee is admitted to a public hospital in the capital Porto Velho.
Latifúndio violence history and gunmen, with the connivance of the police
On 1 November, 25 families occupied the San Antonio farm (old farm Pedra Bonita), located in Gleba July 6, PA Santa Cruz, in the municipality of Alto Paraiso, about 2000 acres. The warrant for "interdiction" issued against the workers has as author Antonio Carlos Faitaroni, but camped suspect it to be just an orange Caio Brito, who said he was the owner of the area. It is very common these foggy situation on the definition of the owners of large estates, especially in the Amazon region. Antonio Faitaroni has said it will not lose the farm because it has 36 men there, and seeking more if something happens to them. He sends messages to the leaders who are actually threats, "are new, it is better to give up."
On November 4, the campers were cowardly attacked and evicted by a gang of eight heavily armed gunmen. In the following days, the gunmen attacked neighboring peasants camp, raiding homes, approaching on the road, robbing and threatening to kill those who do not tell where families camped after being dumped by them. R $ 200 stolen from a farmer who sells popsicles in homes, as he passed in front of the farm. Another peasant abandoned the site after his house was raided twice, afraid of threats. A delegate from Ariquemes said to a resident that the police were acting in the area. But so far, no gunman was arrested.
Since then, the families are camped on the lot of a Peasant Settlement Promised Land, but did not give up the fight for the sacred land rights. This area was once led by double Tonha and Seraphim, murdered by gunmen at the behest of landowners in 2003 when returning from a meeting in Incra in Ariquemes.
On November 23, around 19 hours, two peasants suffered attempted murder when they passed on the road C 60, within the Area Land Promised by going to the Bedding-Paul Justin. Two armed men ordered us to stop, they did not listen and went into high gear when they heard two shots towards them. Fortunately, no shots hit them.

The peasants want land, not repression!
Land to those who live and work!
Conquer the land, destroy the large estates!

LCP - League of Poor Peasants
Rondônia and western Amazon

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