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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Message from Bhutanese Communist Movement

Translated by Google;

Notice published on May 22, 2012 in blog the belonging to the Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM).
The statement despite our simple translation, explains the reasons why the attempt to initiate the people's war in Bhutan just frustrated. It also explains the current situation of the country, the refugee issue, in fighting that originated the faction Vikalpa, and the people's war strategy used by the Party.
We therefore would like to express in a few words the feeling of Bhutanese revolution as well as the refutation of exaggeration, depreciation and the search for a justifiable understanding of reality. Obviously as it is known that the Bhutanese revolution has not had a long way, comparatively we fall under the international and regional perspective. In addition, the Bhutanese revolution is facing a setback these days. To know the cause of this historical phenomenon one should study hard the objective and subjective conditions that are responsible for this. The result of the strong rotten opportunism having then usurped the headquarters of our party resulting in a division on the one hand and on the other imperialist interference on behalf of such third restoration in the country of Bhutanese refugees being approved by the ruling elites of Nepal and also came to be unexpectedly regressive. The split became inevitable because of Vikalpa bases that quickly fell to the hoxhaísta dogmato-revisionism as it could not be transformed soon became hostile despite our healthy approach in fighting. Opportunism came to light when Vikalpa produced the "People's War Plan" which was totally copied from popular Nepali no change lightly war. The main tactics expressed in the plan are mechanically imitated and yet neglecting the initiation stage of the peculiarities of the people's war in Bhutan. The peculiar fact is that the Bhutanese masses are the same inside and outside the country and refugees are unmatched militants and more organized those who are inside the country and were not taken into account by Vikalpa. The mobilization plan of voluntary detachments was also mechanically imitated Nepal.
The main trend Vikalpa in mobilize group context is the one hand to deny the acceptance and documentation of the essentiality of mobilizing ready group is as being the peculiarity of the initiation stage of revolution in Bhutan and on the other hand, mobilize groups out the wrong way and so spoil the countryside. This seems absurd as his inspiration to imitate the Nepalese people's war, how to train staff in the capital and mobilize them in rural areas before the initiation of the people's war in which it is impossible in the context of Bhutan. The plan as a whole was inapplicable as he was for a matter of implementing the main tactics expressed that way. We criticize harshly and ask to go away with the plan. We refute explicitly as eclecticism circumstantial analysis of Vikalpa. We said that implementing this plan would be an adventurer intent. However, the dogmatic idea Vikalpa has not been corrected by contrast, became hostile and intolerant in infighting. Threats, crazy idealization errors and shortcomings and conspiracies became his motto in infighting. Moreover, it held the fraction in the party and placed in front of the plan to dissolve and reconstitute the then Political Bureau (BP). After reconstitution of the BP he a deliberate campaign of non-cooperation to the mobilization of staff fail. Despite the campaign of non-cooperation and the hostility of Vikalpa, we succeeded in mobilizing two detachments of volunteer fighters in Bhutan. Then Vikalpa started a "mission" so-called drag back the volunteer detachments teams to Nepal. He obviously expressed his reactionary vision and revolutionary against the fourteenth meeting and its purpose to penalize the Vikram buddy and pal Sagar first, then surround the deployment and capture Comrade Vikram. This "mission" can not be changed despite our efforts. Although we are compelled to draw parallels headquarters to coordinate and command especially the volunteers detachments within the country. The fifteenth meeting of the Central Committee (with most tables in CCM) concluded in revolt against the click Vikalpa then establishing an authentic, fiery authority to cooperate with the volunteer detachments deployed in Bhutan. The meeting reported as lower key dogmato-revisionism features hoxhaísta of Vikalpa.
Imitation of other revolutions, carelessness with the place factor and the time factor, idealization of the errors and shortcomings as did Hoxha unaware of Stalin and the Comintern.
Surrendering in essence to the party organization and understand their mere forms.
Research topics:
1. Defeat February
After the historic disruption in our party, we carry out in the field to review the tactics that had initiated the armed rural class struggle bombing the electronic voting machines of the reactionary government. Only then both of our detachments each command in the middle and western command were respectively surrounded and suppressed by the reactionary troops resulting in the defeat of February. As the click of Vikalpa was ambitious to encircle and suppress our detachments, the defeat of February we find is mysterious. We can not say with material evidence whether there was some destructive elements who have infiltrated our new party to do the job of defeat February.
2. Boomerang Bomb Blast
After we face defeat February, two key members click Vikalpa on behalf of the beginning of the people's war declared by Vikalpa fell arrested in two separate explosions of bombs boomerang on June 4, 2008. One is Indra Bahadur Ghaley (c. Srijan they called Chitiz) who was killed and another is Chandra Bahadur Rai (c. Nikash they called Khandu) was seriously wounded and arrested by the reactionary troops. We found this mysterious incident to be a boomerang at the same time in two separate places.
3. On the claim focusism:
Vikalpa the taxed as unfounded foquistas having as mere reference our resolution / proposal of the 12th meeting. The resolution was put forward primarily in the following changes to major military tactics.
1. Mobilization of militants ready to start out the People's War primarily on the strength of "revolutionary Maoist focus or focus."
2. Youth Organization Transformation in concept YCL.
Although the term "Focus" had not given up the people's war strategy surrounding the field then the urban areas; prior to emphasize and incorporate to date. The resolution was clearly mentioned as protracted people's war strategy. "Focus" (not focusism tax as a buddy Vikalpa) is not the essence of the resolution, but on the contrary, the Maoist strategy of protracted people's war is in fact the essence.
4. physical action Threat
As we stated revolt party a fake party called Communist Party of Bhutan (Maoist) came into existence trying to fish in troubled waters. The party that never came into being last declared a threat to take physical action against two members of our party, citing their real names. And still a mystery about who did it, but if you see from his statements, it seems that were made by counterrevolutionary agents infiltrated the communist circle.
Finally, we call to morally support our regional and international circle of brotherhood in our protest against domestic feudalism, expansionism and Indian intervention, the latest imperialist intervention in the form of the third resettlement of Bhutanese refugees and the invasion policy on the border of the Chinese revisionism . Although the refugee problem is an associate subject in general, and has been a harsh reality because of various complexities, refugee communities need to have a vital tactic and only tactics to start armed revolution in Bhutan. This is why terms said to be one of the biggest peculiarities of the People's War of the initiation stage in Bhutan. This reality will do the job until circumstances change. This is because the reactionaries are hipervilanizando to disperse and deliberately divert refugee community to extend the life of the fascist monarchy Wangchuck of Bhutan. The ongoing resettlement of refugees was not only one of the most burning problems, but it was also the decisive impediment in our revolution. However, it requires one brotherhood circle to pressure and stop the imperialist intervention in the name of such a lasting solution to the third country resettlement.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

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