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Saturday, December 19, 2015

RBC: Study, study, study!

Translated by Google (and not necessarily a good translation.)

One of the most serious problems facing the communist movement in Western countries is the profound ignorance of its members and sympathizers, which affects not only their knowledge of Marxism, usually very weak, but what we might call basic cultural training .
It was inevitable that the decree "the end of history", the bourgeoisie imposed a kind of return to the cave, the "post-historic cave", to use a stale and accurate picture of John Doe. It was equally inevitable that the process of destruction of culture that, like a voracious avalanche of mud and excrement, has sparked the post-historical or a historical bourgeoisie-and in which she has decided zambullirse- also dragged to broad masses ...
And the Communists? ... Where are the Communists to all this?
The Communists should have taken a clear awareness that the destruction of culture is not only the suicide of the bourgeois class, but above all, how suicidal it the revolutionary subject and with it the possibility of revolution. In a way, the culmination of this process is reversed and perverted image of communism: The wider the darkest ignorance and obscurantism, regardless of class! The disappearance of classes via the elimination of the most sublime humanity has produced!
On the contrary, many "communists", ignoring repeated words Lenin2, neglecting the glorious history of individual improvement and class is the history of the labor movement, they have jumped on the bandwagon happily barbarism of bourgeois and well in his "writings" it is not uncommon to find continuous misspellings and morphological and syntactic errors that make you think one if its authors do not believe that "socialism" and "solecism" are the same thing. Han, !, consciously assumed all the -archiburguesa Memec dogmatic feminist, of course on language and culture, forgetting what Stalin said language in his writings on the relationship between the two bodies and spawning illegible brochures, spitting clean and flat against speaking of people who have never heard, because you do not hear on TV.
Rounding out the nonsense, some of these "communists" take gala, with undisguised pride, be installed on the bottom of a well of -try ignorance, they believe, their unshakeable attachment to the working class, dismissing as "bourgeois" to who dares to draw your attention to the fact that certain letters come together otherwise ...
The immediate consequences of this ideological nonsense, completely oblivious to any minimally serious Marxist approach and history of the communist movement, are, among others, sectarianism, disguised as fidelity to principle; conspiracy theories, which are passed by depth of analysis; eclecticism, it is the innocent in order to "enrich" or "update" the Marxism -of which little is known, very little is necessary to say with monstrosities like animalism, the guidelines of "gender" and the homofilias rest of the string of deceptions that entertain us with manufacturers 'culture' of capital; relativism, individualism, etc.
In the medium and long term, the lack of cultural tension in the communist ranks constitutes an insurmountable obstacle Party building and to carry out the revolutionary mission to transform capitalist society into a socialist society.
In the various Communist troops must spread the idea of ​​cultural reset as unavoidable instrument to combat those who seek to bury the whole of humanity in the pit of ignorance and barbarism. It corresponds to the vanguard of the proletariat hoisted the banner of culture, an essential tool for building a new world and a new man.
Therefore, the Communist Blogs Network (RBC) said that we should not for a moment the slogan of Marx, more necessary and relevant than ever:

Study, study, study!

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