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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Maoist Parties line up for and/or against supporting ISIS (Islamic State)

As time goes on, there have been several Marxist and Maoist parties that have supported ISIS  (Islamic State) as revolutionary and anti-imperialist liberation movement. It is easy to see how such a mistake can be made. ISIS does do battle directly with US imperialism and almost all its allies in Europe and the Middle-east. But it really is not a liberation movement. There maybe some people, in and outside of the Middle-east who support this movement since there are no viable alternatives right now. But there are plenty of reasons not to. ISIS is fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). While they are not Maoist, nor or they Marxist -Leninist, they are secular, mildly to the left and they have support among the Kurdish nationalists.
There is little doubt that a Maoist, Marxist or any non-Muslim would be executed or punished in some way for being in ISIS controlled territory. We need to support those who share our Marxist and Maoist ideology and that does not include ISIS or any other Islamic Jihadist group. We will probably see more such declarations as the ISIS-imperialist war continues. - សតិវ​អតុ


From Maoist_Revolution/Communist Party Maoist (PCmItaly):

ISIS is a fascist Islamic tendency and not an Islamic movement;
reactionary group in Italy as Italian Marxist–Leninist Party (PMLI) confuses this thing for supporting reactionaries and imperialism.
Some Marxist-Leninists-Maoist (MLM) groups and MLM blogs are confused about this fact and give their space to PMLI group.
In Italy this reactionary group always considered ‘Sendero Lumisoso’ (Communist Party of Peru) and other MLM parties and organizations that have developed armed struggle as ‘terrorist’.
In the years when in Italy the Red Brigades were active– PMLI supported the state in the repression against these comrades.
For this in Italy all MLM parties, organizations and revolutionary organizations do not consider PMLI part of proletarian, revolutionary, communist camp.
It is not acceptable for us that some MLM groups or blogs internationally believe this as fact and not opinion.

PCmItaly (Partito Comunista maoista - Italia)
December 2015

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