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Friday, February 05, 2016

JOINT DECLARATION- On The occasion of the 122nd birth anniversary of Mao

Translated from Spanish by Google:

The international proletariat assists with great joy and revolutionary joy to this new birth anniversary of Chairman Mao Tsetung. We express our warm greeting to our class and peoples of the world, and we reaffirm our great task of defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism and in full force as the command and guide of the world proletarian revolution.
The communists commemorate this date the 122nd birth anniversary of Chairman Mao Tsetung, precisely at a time when humanity passes very complex scenarios where the imperialist aggression against the oppressed peoples and nations, especially in the broader region of the Middle East, has climbed to unprecedented levels. This has led to the proliferation of conflicts of various kinds, with the greatest intensification of the contradictions between the imperialist powers, which try to settle their positions in the new deal, with the corollary peoples and occupied countries, with redoubled oppression devastated, balkanized and manipulated.
As President Gonzalo said in 1992: "Today there is one reality; the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a third world war. We know this and we as the children of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty. " It is what is happening today throughout the world and particularly in Ukraine, Asia, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, which has highlighted once again the reactionary and violent nature of imperialist greed and not only puts these countries oppressed as spoils of war powers and imperialist superpowers, but subjected to the masses of these peoples as auxiliary forces of the armed forces of the imperialists; They shackled masses, who are thus trapped in a war that does not meet their interests, ending in some cases aligned behind the imperialist armed forces of the US, France, Britain, Russia, Germany, China, Netherlands, Italy, Canada , etc., which highlights the brutality of the US imperialists seeking to remain as the sole hegemonic superpower and access and control of the most destabilizing parts of the world, leading to a situation of oppression and exploitation unprecedented, increasing the danger of a third war world to define their interests in blood and fire at the expense of the oppressed masses, whom the largest share of useless sacrifice is imposed as part of the imperialist genocide. Against the danger of a new imperialist world war we hoisted the revolution as a historical trend and core policy, therefore, initiate and develop people's war to make revolution and avert the imperialist world war or if it was given, oppose people's war to transform it into revolution.
This confusing alignment of the masses pushed to strive for interests other than historical requirements of the people, part of a history in particular: the lack of correct ideological and political direction, ie Communist Party in its efforts to fight against imperialism and its lackeys and unite all forces that can be united in the struggle against imperialist war of aggression, maintaining the independence and integrity of the Party, as established by Chairman Mao.
The absence of proletarian leadership or still feeble attempts to fight for his leadership in the struggle of the Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish people against imperialism and violent monsters are a showcase in which the crisis that still survives is reflected in the Communist Movement International, which still girt old-style revisionism and the new revisionism in its various forms, centrism, the reformist opportunism and other current bourgeois infiltrated into the ranks of the international proletariat.
Under the revisionist speech multipolar character of imperialism (new version of ultra- imperialism Kautsky) opportunism newly minted has dragged the class and the people to take stand on the side of the Russian and Chinese imperialism, arguing that since that trench can have efforts to combat and stop the greed of US imperialism and its allies. Nothing is more false than that, the communists do not advocate the existence of imperialism because we are aware of its origins, its nature and therefore do not establish how or what imperialism is kind to the oppressed peoples of the world, however, we are apt for their ultimate destruction and alone with her, the decisive liberation of peoples, especially now that we are at the stage of collapse of imperialism and for world revolution sweeping away with popular war (strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution).
The revisionists, as incorrigible reformists and capitulationists preach rely on Russian imperialism knelt not only against its strategic purposes in relation to the contradictions it has with the US and its allies but ending sustained in their ideology, downright antagonistic with the proletariat, opposed to the provisions of Maoism to fight the only hegemonic superpower conception, Yankee imperialism, without letting the wolf -the RUSSIAN nuclear superpower, through the back door. In recent months, the conflict between US imperialism and Russian imperialism and the other imperialists, who according to their own interests are aligned behind them, entered the Broader Middle East to the phase of the talks in Vienna, is tell more collusion against the peoples of those countries to see the spoils according to how their forces on the ground, for larger imperialist struggle. Events like the demolition of the Russian bomber by the Turkish Armed Forces servants of Yankee imperialism, the execution of Shiite cleric Saudi authorities servants also of the Yankees, are framed within this phase to find a better position in the table of negotiations and as it has been mentioned by Russian imperialists to seek to influence the presidential elections are underway in the United States, because the Middle East is also part of the electoral dispute between the two factions of the US imperialist bourgeoisie.
Today the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution is spurred, in flagrant manner, the principal contradiction taking place in the world: between imperialism and the oppressed peoples, contradiction also settles with people's war. The armed struggles taking place, despite its limitations, show the decision of the people to make the leap in their struggles, remain the responsibility of the proletariat pass lead the democratic revolution in the oppressed countries under the strategic assumptions of the proletariat: the People's War.
Convert the wars of national liberation led classes today outside the proletariat powerful people's war under the leadership of militarized Communist Parties and the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; support and develop people's wars in India, Turkey, the Philippines and Peru; strengthen the construction and reconstruction of Communist Parties of a new type, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist to initiate and develop new People's Wars to bury imperialism and world reaction, a task that can only be certain of purpose with inseparable struggle against revisionism ; and, of course, establish a correct ideological system within the international communist movement are the tasks pertaining to the communists today to give new impetus to the correct revolutionary wave unleashed in the world.
To the preparations of imperialism to unleash a third world war, the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world we only have one alternative: People's War respond to the world revolution and bury imperialism.
Today, to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao Tsetung involves more than an anniversary, is the historic recognition of Chairman Mao and the Chinese Revolution, with which Marxism-Leninism became the third, new and higher stage of the ideology the proletariat: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism; It is reaffirm that revolution is the main political and historical tendency and it will become more and renew our commitment to serve the development of the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Put Maoism as sole command and guide of the world proletarian revolution!

Communist Party of Brazil - Red Fraction
Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun
Red Faction Communist Party of Chile
Peru Popular Movement (CR)
Maoist organization by the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colom

-In Spanish
Partido Comunista del Brasil – Fracción Roja
Partido Comunista del Ecuador – Sol Rojo
Fracción Roja del Partido Comunista de Chile
Movimiento Popular Peru (CR)
Organización Maoísta por la Reconstitución del Partido Comunista de Colom

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