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Saturday, March 26, 2016

International Week for the unconditional release of political prisoners in India: from 2 to 9 April 2016

From Proletarian culture/ Translated from Spanish by Google:

Network Blogs Communist becomes part of the International Week for the unconditional release of political prisoners in Indi a, promoted by the International Committee in Support of the People 's War in India.  To be held from 2 to 9 April 2016.
Call the communists and revolutionaries all over the world to join this call in solidarity with the workers, campesinosy exploited who, led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), they rise in People's War to liberate themselves from their bourgeois enemies, landowners and imperialists.
In India there are more than 10,000 political prisoners languishing in prisons. They are leaders, cadres and members of the CPI (Maoist) and the People's Liberation Guerrilla (PLGA), Adivasi villagers have resisted evacuation Army; peasants who have fought against the memoranda of understanding (MOU) signed by governments and multinational companies to exploit the people and continue the imperialist plunder of natural resources; are activists of national minorities organized against the growing threat of Hindu fascism; intellectuals like Dr. Saibaba, artists, students and members of other democratic organizations guilty of taking side with the people against the war unleashed by the Indian state against the people; They are village women with feminists have rebelled against the rampant escalation of violations, often perpetrated by fascist squads military, paramilitary and police and supported by the state.Detainees in prisons suffer all kinds of abuse, torture, denial of bail, inhumane living conditions, arbitrary transfers, brutal attacks and punishments in total isolation, and increasingly detainees are violated. Despite the harsh conditions of detention, prisoners resist and fight with revolutionary spirit to transform the dark prisons where they are locked in a front against the rise of fascism in India and the Indian regime.
The struggle for their unconditional release is an urgent task for all the forces of solidarity and is an integral part of the support for the victory of the liberation war.The ruling classes are becoming increasingly across India in a "prison of popular movements".Indian ruling classes, under the command and with the help of the imperialists have launched an offensive to sub-continental level on several fronts called "Operation Green Hunt". It states that it has focused on the elimination of the Maoist movement, but actually goes and seeks to remove any real democratic demands of the people. Thousands of revolutionaries, leaders and activists of mass organizations and democratic have been killed, tortured and imprisoned.Accused of false crimes, many of them meet heavy penalties, under the draconian laws adopted by the central and state governments, which marks the leaders of popular struggles as "anti-national elements or terrorists."
The economic and financial crisis of the imperialist system continues to worsen and continue to intensify imperialist aggression and reactionary wars. In this situation, the program of the fascist government Brahminical BJP Modi has given the highest priority to the annihilation of the Maoist struggle, the new political organs of popular power, Krantikari Janatana Sarkar (People's Committees Revolutionaries) to continue looting of the natural wealth of the country as quickly as possible and at any cost. Modi, who is the first server in large national and international companies, has not only launched but also aggressively applied the third phase of Operation Green Hunt. It is in this context that air strikes against adivasi regions planned by the regime put Modi.
Indian Maoists call all revolutionary parties and organizations, international solidarity organizations, organizations of workers, progressive and democratic intellectuals, workers, peasants, students, youth, artists, writers, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, to make their voices heard against the decision to launch air strikes against areas inhabited by a majority of adivasi, to take to the streets and protest. Even the most brutal repression can never stop the war of liberation of the Indian masses, on the contrary, it must extend political and moral solidarity with the people's war.
The International Committee to Support the People's War in India calls for a Global Action Week around the world, from 2 to 9 April 2016.
This week all initiatives expressed solidarity with all political prisoners in the prisons of imperialism and reactionary regimes, to support all the struggles for liberation.
International Committee to Support the People's War in India

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