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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Statement from the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on the People's War

Network Blogs, Red Communists (RBC) is committed to support the People's War support in India and is a member of the International Committee to Support the People's War in India. I am posting the last statement of the Communist Party of India (M), which has been translated below from Spanish to English by Google. It is needless to say that this site completely supports the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and its war against the Indian government. The CPI(M) is one of the most advanced and successful guerrilla movements of the left in this new century.


April 2, 2016

FIGHT airstrikes in Bastar!


During the past six months, helicopter gunships MI-17 have been doing practice shooting and bombing Sukuma, Dantewada and Bijapur, Bastar South, Chhattisgarh. On April 1, senior officials of the police and air force announced at a press conference that if the Maoists opened fire on security forces, special forces Garud Commando Force would respond to fire. This simply means that, in any case, air strikes will occur. In fact, government forces fired every day in areas of fighting. A bill Maha Abhiyan occur daily clashes and fake encounters. Indiscriminate arrests continue.

Last October the police lied when he said the helicopters would be used only for rescue operations and fire would be opened only from the air if the helicopters were targeted by the Maoists and only in self-defense. It has not produced a single incident of fire on helicopters in the past six months. Despite this, the government is ready to fire and bombing from helicopters under military, repressive and fascist campaign called "Green Hunt" [Green Hunt, English]. Speaking in terms of self-defense only meant to confuse the Indian people. The reality is that they have given to the air force full powers to carry out airstrikes. That is, that what is intended is to crush hurtling popular struggle against displacement caused by mega mining projects, large dams and giant factories, along with the Maoist Party, the guerrilla People's Liberation Army (PLGA), the mass organizations and the revolutionary masses who lead the struggle, and deliver to large domestic and foreign companies as loot the Jal-Jungle-Zameen [ "Water, forest and earth" in Hindi] and other resources. Apart from the tens of thousands of police and paramilitary forces there on the ground, the decision to carry out airstrikes pursues this purpose.

The secret project that is behind the authorization of the central government for the construction of an airfield in the nature reserve of tigers Indravathi is to transform this national park at an airbase. Dandakaranya people's struggle is not only for their own benefit. It is also part of the struggle of the oppressed masses of the country. It is part of the struggle to protect the resources of future generations. It is to protect the environment. It is to protect rivers, streams, forests and land. Unjust war the central government and state governments, the Green Hunt, it is solely for the benefit of big business. wake time has come, the time of the oppressed masses, the revolutionary parties, the progressive and democratic sectors, trade unions, human rights organizations, writers, artists, historians, filmmakers, lawyers, students, workers in the print and electronic media, tribal and non-tribal social organizations. Our party calls everyone to speak out against the air strikes and bombardments. We appeal to undertake a campaign to prevent the air force, intended in principle to combat foreign attacks and wars of occupation, perform operations inside and against the people of India. Fail conspiracy of governments that seek to destroy the identity of the ancient tribes of the country. Our party calls upon the people of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra to make a success of the protest, in the form of general strike, scheduled for April 15 in Dandakaranya (Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra) to protest the decision to resort to air strikes.

Special Note: education and health services are excluded from the general strike.


Special Zone Committee Dandakaranya
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