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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Congressman Pompeo has faith in the military but plays his own people as cowards

By SJ Otto
While US Representative Mike Pompeo R-Kansas is one of the most pro-military politicians of the US House of Representatives, he seems to believe that his constituents are all cowards.
And while he likes to glamorize the military and its heroic efforts to save us from terrorists in the middle-east, he thinks his followers in Kansas are chicken-shits.
 In a recent statement to his constituencies:

"This past week was very important for my fight to help keep the people of Kansas safe.  I’m talking specifically about the fight to stop Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) detainees from being transferred to U.S. facilities such as Ft. Leavenworth.
During the first half of the week, Congress voted on numerous amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), legislation that sets policy for America’s military for the coming year.  Many of the proposed amendments focused on the detention facility at GTMO, and the detainees held there, including one an amendment that I introduced....

Taking questions from Kansans this winter about the potential transfer of GTMO detainees to Kansas
But before I could do so, I joined fellow members of the House of Representatives to stop an amendment that would allow President Obama to move GTMO detainees to the United States, including potentially to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.  These terrorists are the worst of the worst.  Data shows that when released, they return to terrorism at a rate that would stun most Kansans. I took to the House floor to forcefully push back against the amendment and protect the people of Kansas from such reckless action."  

After all, this state is not afraid to put serial killers and insane criminals of all types on trial. He implies that Kansans are not safe with Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) detainees. These are the detainees that are denied due process of law. They have never been before a judge...never allowed to challenge the accusations against them, that they are terrorists. Pompeo said they are the "worst of the worst."When we consider that we give serial killers trials, we let some of the worst mass murderers of history get trials, we must wonder how bad these people can be. And while many Kansans are willing to join the military and fight, he assumes the rest of Kansas' people are cowards...too afraid to let these "crazed-criminal-foreigners" a chance at a trial. He says it is way to dangerous to take a chance on giving them a fair trial. These people might win. And then what? And our own system of justice may simply not work. That means it was too flawed to allow foreigners t have trials in the fist place.

Some of the danger cold be that this country would realize that our people also commit war crimes. We assassinate people. We bomb hospitals. And worst  of all, no matter what these "detainees" did, they deserve their day in court.
To continue Pompeo's tirade:

"I’m pleased to report that the amendment was defeated.  I countered this with an amendment of my own, which aims to provide Americans with information on just how committed the GTMO prisoners are to violent jihad.  My NDAA amendment would require that the administration review the terrorist activities of former GTMO detainees, and release to the American public any information on the detainee’s past terrorist activity that can be safely declassified. 
My amendment would require the Obama administration to look Kansans in the face and tell them exactly the type of radical terrorists they are bringing into our state.  With resounding support, this amendment was adopted.  Then, with strong provisions included to keep GTMO open and detainees out of the United States, the House passed the NDAA." 

 No Matter what these detainees actually believe, Pompeo has played the people of Kansas as cowards. And the people of Kansas deserve better than that!

Pompeo makes accusations against alleged terrorist ^^ who never get to defend themselves in their day of court.

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