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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Romania- US missile shield opens in the former Soviet base Deveselu

Translated from Spanish by Google:

US fears increasingly the development of Russian capitalism and is not willing to let another imperialist power dispute its hegemony over control of much needed resources for economic powers. The inter-imperialist conflict, inevitable consequence of self-development system, as demonstrated by the studies of Marx and Engels and confirmed those of Lenin, deepens, and both sides continue sharpening their swords for a possible, but not really desired by either party , direct confrontation. Perhaps they prefer to keep crashing into secondary scenarios while allowing an unspecified internal stability let continue filling their pockets at the expense of the local working class parasites of the ruling class, the bourgeoisie.

In any case, the tension continues to rise with the final opening, and started operating partially for some time, the NATO base Deveselu, in southwestern Romania, part of the "super" missile shield designed by the Pentagon to supposedly defend Europeans a potential threat, (although it is known that their main goal is Russia).

At the official opening of the "defensive bulwark, as he has called the capo of the military organization led by the United States, the runt M. Stoltenberg, as if his whole audience was imbecile, have been also attended by the Prime Minister of Romania, Dan Ciolos, recently appointed by the European Union itself without going through "democratic" any election, and Assistant Secretary of US Defense, Robert O. Work

The commander of the Base 99 Deveselu, Răzvan Bratulescu, has specified that the opened system today is composed entirely by the base of the Romanian NATO, and two in Poland and Turkey respectively, and a radar in the latter country and US navy ships anchored in Rota, Spain.

She also pointed out that the base of Deveselu is a former military base built by the Soviets in Romania in 1952 to house some squadrons of Mig-21. It is a curious paradox, especially considering the anger of the Russian authorities for their final opening. It turns out that were criminals like Gorbachev or Yeltsin, the latter the political father of Vladimir Putin, who was his dolphin (and prime minister), ie, the host of scoundrels that ended the USSR and continue ransacking today natural resources they were formerly of the Soviet peoples and, of course, its working class, that allowed and facilitated to countries like Romania are now a colony of foreign capitalist powers. Moreover, they are also largely that the former bases of the Red Army or the People Romanian Army are now infested with American soldiers and NATO and the powerful weapons of Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing and Northrop Grumman, and since those are threatened today to the Russian people.

Photo of MIG-21 Deveselu

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