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Monday, May 09, 2016

WWII Victory Speech delivered by Stalin May 9, 1945

Victory Day May 9 1945 - with English lyrics - Russian song WWII День Победы

Day of victory, how far it was from us all,
Like in extinct campfire burns out the coal.

There were miles, burned, in dust and soot-
To bring this day as near, as we could.

This Day of Victory

Of gunpowder smell it comprise,
This Celebration
With a grey hair on it's sides.

This elation
With the tears in the eyes.

Day of Victory!

Day of Victory!

Day of Victory!

Near Martin furnaces days and nights
Our Country didn't shut it's eyes.

Days and nights we fought hard and we stood-
To bring this day as near as we could.

This day of Victory...

Hello, Mama, I'm back, but not all of us...
If only we could bare foot run through the wet grass!

Half of Europe we marched, half of all the Land-
To bring this day as close as we can.

This day of Victory... (2x)

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