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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Latest scam to rip off the American Workers- laid off/ but shut up

Whether I talk about democratic socialism as in Bernie Sanders or other types, as in Marxism, people have to wonder why I'm so down on capitalism. It is suppose to work so well. Why complain?
But here is an example of why many of us just don't like the capitalist system. It starts with an article in The New York Times called: "Laid-Off Americans, Required to Zip Lips on Way Out, Grow Bolder"

And the jest of the article is that local people where replaced by foreigners who promised to work for much less than the job they were taking.
Here is how it was supposed to work; Foreign workers were supposed to get temporary visas so they could take these American jobs and work for much less pay. But how did they get the Americans, who were being laid off, to retrain and help these replacement workers to settle in to their new jobs. Well, the Americans were given generous severance agreements, some as as much as $10,000 dollars. While that may seem like a lot, the workers were being laid off permanently and they were supposed to both train their replacements and keep quiet about the whole arrangement.
This was a great arrangement for the capitalists who benefited greatly. They wanted to replace their workers with outsourced foreign workers who were working much cheaper than their American counterparts. The best part must have been that the Americans would retrain their replacements to do all their jobs. And they had to agree to say nothing to the press about their obvious betrayals.
Despite the agreement some workers are speaking out. But for me there is more to the story than that. This is an obvious betrayal of the American worker. We live in this country and we all aspect to be treated with dignity as human beings. This story shows otherwise. We are cheated by those who the system is dedicated to. We are cheated and then disposed of as if we are yesterdays garbage. So why are so many working people in America so dedicated to both the capitalist system and the class of people it is dedicated to serving. It is bad enough that the system gets so much support, but the ruling class political party, the Republican Party continues to get a lot of working class support.
This article is just one more example of why the American worker gets ripped off. They all need to fight back. And the time is now.  
- សតិវ​អតុ

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