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Monday, July 11, 2016

END TERROR BY POLICE NOW!! We Need Revolution!

From Revolution Newspaper,

A Point of Orientation for Right Now:
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In the past few days, in the face of yet more new and awful videos documenting the real role and behavior of the police, people have once again begun to rise up righteously.  Despite an incident in Dallas in which five police were killed, THIS PROTEST MUST CONTINUE AND INTENSIFY AND PEOPLE MUST CONTINUE TO SEEK THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM AND ITS SOLUTION.

The Revolutionary Communist Party IS ORGANIZING NOW TO OVERTHROW THIS SYSTEM AT THE SOONEST POSSIBLE TIME. Preparing to lead an actual revolution to bring about a radically new and better society: the New Socialist Republic in North America.
The protest movement that arose once again in the last few days is positive and important.  Slanders must be met with the truth and attempts to suppress this movement must be defeated.   Attacks on the families of the victims must CEASE.
These protests came after the cold-blooded blue-coated murderers of Tamir Rice and Eric Garner and Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray and Rekia Boyd and Andy Lopez and countless less well-known victims have walked free.  These protests come after months of promises, months of advice to “make reasonable demands,” months of advice to “do something sensible and vote” and generally to work within the system: a system that is criminal at its core and never will and never can give a rat’s ass about the people they grind under and exploit and oppress.
Let’s say it straight out: the amount of police who have been killed by people is tiny—tiny—compared to the amount of people they have killed month in and month out, year in and year out.  So don’t let them change the subject.  The subject that must be addressed is this: how do we END murder and terror by the police, what must be done to STOP it?

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