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Monday, August 08, 2016

The Olympics are against the common people

Translated from Spanish to English from Google:

Red de Blogs Comunistas (RBC/ Red Communist Blogs network) wants to denounce the holding of the Olympics in Rio as violence against the Brazilian people, and were also megaeventos made in recent years in Brazil, such as the Olympic "business", have led to an escalation in violence the state against the people, based on the following considerations:
1) In fact, the Olympics have now little to do with sport, being an opportunity for the enrichment of local capitalists and especially multinationals, without the welfare of the masses nor the profit generated from the people, workers and peasants.
2) For example, a total of almost 77,206 people, between 2009, when Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the Olimpiadas- and 2015, according to the report by the People's Committee Rio - Cup and Olympics a group that brings together unions, NGOs, researchers, students, affected by interventions Cup and the Olympics ..
3) Between January and July 2015, 408 people were killed by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro in occurrences registered as "autos resistance" (which would be a legitimate defense of the police), which means an increase of 18,6 % compared to the same period of 2014.

4) The state of Rio de Janeiro is going through a very serious economic crisis, and after the Rio de Janeiro government decreed a "state of public calamity" for financial shortcomings, the granting of a credit of $ 870 million was negotiated, authorized by President Acting Michel Temer last Wednesday (29), for public security ( "public security" is the euphemism used to talk of repression and control popular protests.
5) Despite the difficulty, for example, payment of salaries of civil servants and demand adjustments in spending for education and health, expenditure mega Olympic event reaches 11 billion, 3 billion more expected when Brazil began as a candidate for office.
6) In an attempt to show the world that the favelas are "pacified" the Rio de Janeiro government, with support from the federal government has increased spending and the number of military police. The Ministry of Defense specified that 18,000 millitares will be located in cities where football games (São Paulo, Manaus, Salvador, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte), and Rio de Janeiro occurred receive 20 thousand men, being "approximately 14,000 Brazilian Army, 4000 and 2000 Navy Aviation.

7) According to the data requested by the Artigo 19 organizations and Global Justice to the Ministry of State Security of Rio de Janeiro (Seseg) they were acquired 4000 personal protective equipment, 18000 rubber bullets, 9000 activating smoke bullets colorful (that loose paint to mark people in the crowd), 4500 Granada moral effect, 4,500 tear gas and pepper sprays thousand gas.

8) Many of the costs are covered by the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) calls. According to data of the municipality, only 43% of expenditure from the public budget, while 57% comes from APP. However, from these APPs, the State guarantees to private capital gains for periods of five to 35 years, secured by contract. In other words, besides being another form of privatization of services and public responsibilities, in the short term appears to have a low public spending, compromising it long term
9) Police stations in the UPP (fortified police stations in the slums or favelas) are centers of torture, coercion against the poor and support the oppression and slaughter. Example of impunity and license to kill has the police, the case of four policemen who fired 111 shots from rifles against the car in which five young people were in Costa Barros, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, and wait in freedom (with appearance) trial for crimes committed, and still remain in service. Violent evictions of peasants and Indians are constant, as the operation against the Guarani-Kaiowá of Mato Grosso do Sul, where the military, federal police and the National Security Force, lambasted the people to immediately withdraw for bands of gunmen enter shooting.
10) In short, the Olympic Games will be held with the people of Rio de Janeiro and around the country subjected to exploitation and oppression, colossal unemployment, squeeze wages, tremendous rise in the cost of living, borrowing the masses (public debt, the source of assault of public funds by the bankers, reached in the coming months the amount of three trillion Reais (about $1 trillion dollars) and subjected to fierce police violence and all kinds of ailments. cruel crimes and police killings happen every day in poor and marginal neighborhoods of large cities, as well as inside and zonasrurales.
 Since the completion of the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, in 2007, through the World Cup, in 2014, until the Olympic and groups organized against the impacts of mega sporting events Games, this year, popular movements have denounced the increased violence against the population - with evictions and growing militarization in the favelas - and the lack of transparency in the management of the preparation of the city-sites, generating imbalance in the public budget and denying the population the right to basic services
RBC sympathizes with the struggle of the popular and social movements in Brazil against the Olympics against the people, and calls them to continue the struggle, to face against the state and the capitalist class that uses it to enrich passing over the rights, even life itself, working class.


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