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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Communist Blog Network- solidarity in support with the struggle of teachers in Mexico

A Google translation from Spanish to English;
In case you did not already know what the priorities of capitalist governments, the Mexican has not walked with squeamishness to launch the police to repress teachers in Oaxaca, since the beginning of protests against the education reform government of Peña Nieto . 
It is normal and says a lot about a government (and so do all those who represent the interests of parasitic capitalist minority) who prefer their police rather than their teachers, though, and because of this, the first not stand, nor much less for their education, culture and, of course, for their willingness to learn and cultivate.Teachers, however, represent the struggle for improving the education of children and youth in the country and, therefore, the prospect of a better and fairer future (ie more likely that the fight against widespread exploitation).
Repressing the aspirations of freedom, public education, projects to make more responsible and capable of independent thinking workers, it is a necessity for large companies and their puppet governments can not avoid, because it is in direct contradiction to the maintenance their unjust and criminal privileges.
Recently, the education secretary, Sergeant Aurelio Nuño Mayer, in a meeting with 110 representatives of private schools of basic education hypocritically said he was happy to have studied in an educational system inspired by the Freinet school. Hypocritically we emphasize, since the new educational system that defends implement Aurelio Nuño is the very antithesis of social proposal, political and pedagogical of Celestin Freinet (1974), who identified that "the decline and death of the school are the result of the formidable development of capitalism ... a new order must necessarily correspond to a new orientation of the proletarian school. "
Aurelio Nuño Mayer, as the Mexican government continues to simulate the tactics of dialogue and submit to the CNTE (National Coordinator of Education Workers) as red, violent, uncompromising and quarrelsome. At the same time it says dialogue threat and apply repressive measures, such as separations produced against dissidents 1906 teachers teaching in the states of Oaxaca (1239), Chiapas (570), Michoacan (80) and Guerrero (17).
The means of propaganda, in the same hands that the government try to criminalize representing culture, education and justice, publishing similar news, and regular media propaganda of the ruling class, the "civilized "policemen clash against" radical teachers "is just another example of the rottenness of the system.
Enough to have half a brain and a minimum of sensitivity and humanity to know that the reality is quite different from what we sell: teachers, educated, trained and aspirations of a more equal and less unjust world, where everyone has the right to quality education without having to buy based on how much money is available, they are beaten by the security forces of the state, cloaca where capital tends to locate the flotsam and jetsam of society, people capable of any exchange of the crumbs they throw their masters.
Culture against brutality, against indifference education, civilization against barbarism. Mobsters and big criminals who run our governments and put and take away our leaders obviously prefer the latter.
In Mexico already they demonstrated in September 2014, with the notorious massacre  of normalistas, where 43 of them were kidnapped and disappeared by police and paramilitaries, all under the responsibility of the government, and continue to show up today with the wild repression of teachers and educators. And possibly while they leave, they will continue to do so, because they, the capitalist class and its government, know very well what their side and who are their enemies, and that culture can be a very dangerous weapon in the hands of those they have with their work privileges, workers.
The government does not care at all the lives lost, political prisoners, street protests and critical mass of researchers and experts in pedagogy. What really concerned about is promoting the business of the bourgeoisie, consider the textbooks of the big publishers (even if they are poorly made and have little use) as mandatory monitoring in class and implement programs and plans away study interests students, the school community and the people. The imposition disguised with fake dialogue, they want to cover their repressive acts by creating a new "historical truth" similar to that of the 43 missing students Ayotzinapa Nochixtlán. In any case they want a thorough analysis of the educational model of the SEP is made and that society be involved in its preparation.
The working class can only emancipate themselves through knowledge, education, self - improvement in the fight to dominate the culture, represented by the protagonist of Tempering Steel, Nikolai Ostrovsky, who embodies the words Lenin wrote in the  Tasks Youth Communist :

 "To conclude that it can be a communist without having assimilated the knowledge accumulated by humanity, would be making a huge mistake. Itwould be wrong to think that just knowing the communist slogans, the conclusions of communist science, without having assimilated the sum of knowledge which is a consequence communism. Marxism is an example of how communism has resulted from the sum of knowledge acquired by humanity ".
Communist Blogs Network sympathizes with Mexican teachers, who represent the culture that must be the necessary cement with which the class struggle mix, engine history, germ and trampoline every Communist lovers. RBC is without doubt strongly on the side of teachers, their struggle, their struggle for the education of the working class and, therefore, their organization, their mobilization and justified rebellion against exploitation.

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