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Thursday, October 06, 2016

India- Free Comrade Ajith !!!

From Prof. harāgōpāl Security Committee, Committee to release political prisoners;

Activist of democratic rights, intellectuals and civil liberties committee of Maharashtra has forced the government and the central government.

Now that kē.muralidaran brother Pune severe heart attack and was admitted to the Government Hospital, across the country and around the world, people have to know.

Although his shaggy person must Police has launched a fast unto death, because he has not been allowed for. Police have been sent by him to push fast against medical advice. His health condition is now very precarious situation has entered prison.

Therefore, Professor Nome komski and fighting for the democratic rights of the entire country and around the world, with other activists, we are forced into the government hospital had released him on bail and temporary as to protect his life. Already, he has to undergo a bypass heart disease. In such a situation, we K. Muralitharan, we present a brief overview of the brother.

Kannampili Murali, Murali or K Ajith, or brother (s appeared often known) he was involved in revolutionary and communist politics from the early days of his student drawn to the movement naksalvādī time PhD in Engineering. Murali was first involved as a student movement, then the movement became a brilliant teacher. He was an excellent scholar of the Maoist ideology and political ārthaśāstrayehi.

He strongly opposed the ideology of capitalism, just as K vēnugē Kerala Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) worked tirelessly to develop and to protect its revolutionary campaign by establishing a central reorganization committee. Land and his main political work, ethnicity, bonding (land, caste and indentured servitude), land on the new study, reform, race and Kerala Agricultural Relations, evēkiyanvādayaṭa against the US Revolutionary Communist Party, dogmatic-revisionist leader is payable criticism ideological about Bob Awake . A leading Maoist thinker and theoretician, Ajith by Gender and race-related issues with the Maoist standpoint was composed several important articles. He, of all the world and various Maoist parties and organizations of the revolutionary internationalist movement Center Coordinator (RIM) and published by the International Journal of '' world is dināgænumaṭa '' (A World to Win) was editor of the magazine. Children while their father, please kannampili Menon, the then People's Republic of China, pīkiṁhi Indian Embassy, ​​while the instructor (1958-61) were used to tour with him. He once won the Chairman advocates garlanding paḷan̆davannaṭa rare.

He was arrested by the ATS in Pune in May last year and since then has been detained in custody yervāda. He had a heart patient facing bypass surgery, chest pain, caused him to be hospitalized on the 15th of this month. However, the Authority, and even allow him to enter the hospital again and then put away the cell were taken without proper treatment. Such critical situations in a timely and specialized treatments needed, authorities will ignore even basic rights as inhuman. Wicked act of unlawful activities Prevention Act (UAPA) detained under the exception that there is no charge against him. Under this system of law, without trial or any persons arrested and detained without reason, without any registration without any evidence or any other criminal case, and he was one of the victims of the law. In fact, in the last 15 months for Murali imprisoned him in court, was only once.

As provided Murali treatment specialist immediately be told by the authorities as a severe human rights activists, and at least he will be allowed bail on health conditions, as if to allow him to care for his son, or stay with him. The world-famous intellectuals and academics, and human rights advisers to Nome komski, Gayathri Chakravarti spivāk Park caṭarjī, Anand ṭelṭumbē Prabhat paṭnāyik, Bernard D. Mellow, Meena Kandasamy, who signed addressing the authorities in recent publication '' fair, transparent and expeditious trial Muralitharan or guarantee as to release him on bail as the '' request the cooperation and international scale protest against the aspiration of the highlights to the Government of India or silence or a quiet voice and destroy their political prisoners.

Prof. harāgōpāl Security Committee, Committee to release political prisoners

Harbour Rao, Chairman, Revolutionary Democratic Front, the co-founder, Revolutionary Writers' Association

Rājkiṣōr, Joint Secretary, Revolutionary Democratic Front

Prof. N. sāyibābā, Deputy Secretary, Revolutionary Democratic Front

Varālakṣmī, Secretary, awissawella (Revolutionary Writers Association)

Professor C. ṣeṣāyiyā, Chairman, ēpīsīelsī

Prof. Lakshman, President, Civil Liberties Committee telengānā


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