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Sunday, October 02, 2016

India- The Naxalite guerrillas extend through the jungles of Kerala-Taminadu

I am happy to post this. I am a proud supporter of the Maoist guerrillas in India. Of all the Maoist insurgencies around the globe the insurgency in India provides the most inspiration and hope for a victory at some point in the near future. So from here:
- សតិវអតុ 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Google Translation;

The Naxalite guerrilla extends through the jungles of Kerala-Taminadu
Imagini pentru naxalitasLa Network Blogs Communists (RBC) is pleased to report that the Naxalite guerrillas in India continues its progress and success in their revolutionary People's War and share the following news, as a member of the Committee on International Support for War popular in India (CIAPGI)

The exchange of fire between police and Naxalite guerrillas in the last days Mundakkadavu increase suspicions that the Maoists have established permanent camps in the jungles of Kerela-Tamilna borders.

Since the last nine months the People's Army is settling in the area of ​​Nilambur, as Uchakkulm, Punchakolli, Pattakarimbu and Mundakkadavu. According to sources, the leader of the du, which represents a further step in its area influencia.guerrilleros, Kuppu Devaraj, also known by Shankar, is in the area for a few months, giving talks and training courses to farmers and local tribes, plus the new communist cadres.

The peculiarity of the terrain and the support they enjoy among the local population facilitates the permanence of the Naxalites in the forests of Nilambur.

Kuppu Devaraj is the highest Maoist rank in the area of ​​the triple junction of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. From Bangalore, Kuppu was the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the state of Karnataka. As a leader who has a deep knowledge of the topography, Kuppu was assigned the military jefaura when the Special Zonal Committee of the Western Ghats was formed, also known as the Sahyadri mountains.
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