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Monday, October 17, 2016

The election-year-stunt invasion of Mosul has begun

By សតិវ​ អតុ  
What is bound to be an election year stunt, the Barack Obama Regime has launched an all-out attack on Mosul, a large city in Iraq, in what is probably a major stunt to help Hillary Clinton win the presidential election in just a little more than 20 days. That is not to say this is really that surprising. The US government has wanted to take back its spoils of war, in Norther Iraq, ever since ISIS (Islamic State) more than 2 years ago.
According to The Guardian:  “The start of the offensive, which has been months in the planning, was announced in an address on state television by Iraq’s prime minister in the early hours of Monday morning.”
It’s not that the invasion is completely being used to sure up support for Obama’s intended Democratic successor, but it certainly will help her. People usually really behind the president anytime there is a war. Even if the war is completely un-necessary they feel obligated to support the military action. There is a likelihood people will support her to support the president.
Clinton is ahead in the polls and probably will win the election anyway. But she is only about 8 percentage points ahead. But the polls have gone up and down and lot and Clinton has at times in the past been as close as two points behind Trump.  The invasion may help her. If this were not the case, Obama could have waited until after the election.
On the other hand it is believable that the US wants its property back from ISIS. Even though Obama and other US major politicians opposed the invasion of Iraq, none of them wants to see ISIS keep its spoils-of-war property.
Obama seems to be planning a major on-the-ground use of US troops. They will be assisting troops from the Iraqi puppet government along with some Kurd troops. These troops will probably just be used to give the impression that this is a mostly Iraqi operation, but that is an illusion. The Iraqi troops could never muster the enthusiasm for this war that comes from troops that are defending their homeland. These are lackeys of US imperialism and such lackeys rarely make good troops.[1] The US government has made us of the so called “War on Terrorism” to get badly needed support from the US people. Recent but sporadic attacks by those who claim to support ISIS have helped the US government to miss-lead the public into support for this imperialist action.

[1] This does not include the Kurd troops who still hope for their own homeland. They are the only local group that has actually put up a fight with ISIS. The rest of the fighting is by US troops using new high-tech weapons and training only they have.

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