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Thursday, November 10, 2016

After Trump won—what now?

What to people do now? Many Americans are in shock and disgusted that this man, Donald Trump, is now our president. But it happened. There have been protests all across the country against Trump. But what will they do? How do they think they can get rid of him? In the short run Trump is here to stay. In the long run, these protesters may find a way to counter Trump. For now we will just see what happens. សតិវ​ អតុ  

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Anti-Trump Protesters Pour Into The Streets Of San Francisco, Oakland

Is Trump anti-establishment?
A Google Translation:
By JL Forneo
It turns out that not only the Spanish Social shebang created to blow ticket by large economic corporations and led by Pablo Iglesias is a party "anti - system" as its sister party Greek accomplice Troika Brussels, Syriza, but the Donald Trump single incarnation of Weberian capitalist spirit, billionaire unscrupulous, following the only ideology that believes the money, is capable of anything to increase your profits, so it is.
The "anti - system" option, as the call many media disinformation is, however, the GOP Bush and Reegan, which differs only from the "Democratic" progressives that bombard other fractious peoples and exploit the working class less hypocritically without both analgesic makeup.
Some even they were full the mouth of hope for peace stating that Trump will be more affordable to live as brothers, as if under the capitalist system is peace possible. First, capitalism is based on violence by one class, minority and parasitic on other majority and producer of wealth, in what Marx and Engels called "class warfare" unbridgeable conflict until not definitely eliminate these social classes, work can only be done working, because the capitalist always need the proletariat, the main source of their wealth; secondly, because capitalism, especially in its imperialist phase, needs war, economic or military to continue their need for more resources, more benefits, more added value of export of capital, so the agreements, alliances or relocations of some capitalist or other states are just vestibules of new wars:
"for this reason , alliances" German interimperialist "or" ultraimperialistas "in capitalist reality, not in the vulgar petty - bourgeois fantasy of English parsons or" Marxist "Kautsky - whatever its form: an imperialist coalition against another imperialist coalition, or a general alliance of  all  the imperialist powers - can not constitute,  in avoidably, rather than "truces" between the wars peaceful alliances prepare and wars. in turn, arise from the bosom of the war, the extent of each other, generating a succession of forms of peaceful struggle, not peaceful on  one and the same  basis of imperialist relations and mutual relations between the economy and world politics "(Lenin, imperialism, thehighest stage of capitalism).
capitalism, "inevitably" tends toward war, although a weak position in the imperialist chain (which are part of all states under a capitalist regime) apparently does seem that some capitalist states "they are not aggressive" and therefore, following this logic Kautskyan that desmotara Lenin, "are not imperialists."
So Trump, for unbelievers or lelos celebrating the victory of the capitalist offender
American who boasts of having become rich without paying taxes or respect the law (curiously, many of them did the same with the genocidal Obama when he became the "hopeful black president") does not differ much with respect to his rival Hillary Clinton then, as is normal for its class, any proposed even remotely change the system and the system of ownership, as Marx said in his Manifesto, is the basic point that every communist must put the core of his analysis.
as for the aggressiveness of US foreign policy (the continuity of the exploitation of the working class is taken for granted in both cases), and despite the easily or delude, as Kautsky, simply justify that same farm , the fact is that especially at a time when the unipolar world that emerged after the triumph of capitalism in the USSR in the nineties is losing ground to new imperialist blocs in the making, with Trump will follow the only way in that capitalism can develop: competition, theft, war, although at peak times the "truces", "alliances" and "rapprochement" between them may seem the opposite of what already Lenin showed that they were "preparation for new wars."
in short, and to return to the beginning, Trump, like Clinton, is actually a man of the system, become US president, lest we forget, thanks to an electoral process in which are the corporations who, by financing campaigns or their means of propaganda, decide what are the options that can be voted, the capitalist elephant and imperialist (remember the Reagan criminals, or Bush) or the capitalist donkey and imperialist (as in the case of Clinton and Obama genocidal).In all cases, although the primitive and pseudo - religious soul of post - modern man tends to put on the particular individual maximum imaginable power are only two puppets of the big monopolistic corporations in his country and, consequently, puppets of one or another imperialist bloc.

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