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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

India- long live the naxalbari’s revolt !

official comunication - also for publication

From the International Committee to Support the People's War in India

ICSPWI calls to the all supporters of people’s war in India to continue the
prolonged campaign in a new international day of actions for 28 january 2017
please send  news about plans and actions for this day for info to all
mouvement and in India

A new open talk-meeting of ICSPWI is organised for
4th february 2016 in Italy – Bergamo - h.10-19
other sites for this talk-meeting were been proposed, but they are not
possible for organisative problems and other engagements -
the comrades and the solidarity groups that want to partecipate - logements
write to for receiving info for the place and contact
it is an open talk-meeting for invitation - no public - but all
comunications about it are open comunications

- breef report about the 2 days of actions 24 november and 28 december
- debate about a tour of democratic representative India in Europe - when,
where,repartition of expenses, etc
- international and internationalist demostration for 50th anniversary of
naxalbari’s revolt – date proposed 20 may 2017
We take the decision about the organisation of one demonstration in one
european country - or simultaneus demostrations in all european countries

it needs a representative partecipation in the open talk-meeting of 4th
february but in any case there will betaken the final decisions about these

 solidarity greetings

 22 december 2016

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