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Sunday, February 19, 2017




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"Our Party maintains that in the world today there are three fundamental contradictions: 1) Contradiction oppressed nations, on the one hand, against imperialist superpowers and imperialist powers, on the other hand, there is enclosed the thesis of three worlds are outlined and formulated so because The crux of this contradiction is with the imperialist superpowers but there is also contradiction with the imperialist powers. This is the main contradiction and its solution is the development and triumph of revolutions of new democracy. 2) Contradiction proletariado-bourgeoisie, has as a solution the socialist revolution and in perspective the proletarian cultural revolution. 3) The inter-imperialist contradiction: between the superpowers, superpowers and imperialist powers and imperialist powers among themselves, which leads to war for world hegemony and imperialist wars, of rapine to which the proletariat must oppose the people's war and in perspective popular war worldwide. The contradiction socialism-capitalism we do not put it today because it only occurs at the ideological and political level because it does not exist as a state, today there is no socialist system, there was and to maintain that exists today is to state in essence that the USSR is socialist, which is Revisionism. "
"President Mao Tsetung develops Lenin's strategy by focusing on the great transcendence of the national liberation movement for the world revolution, as imperialism smacks more and more of the oppressed nations which are raised in powerful revolutionary storms, to be led by Their communist parties. Thus, the national liberation movement merges with the international proletarian movement and these two forces drive the development of world history. President Gonzalo teaches us that the strategy we have to develop communists must start from the foundations laid by Lenin and developed by President Mao.
Core Documents, International Line-PCP

Today we are living the period of struggle between US, Russian and Chinese imperialism; Today are defined the three main enemies worldwide, for those who develop democratic or socialist revolution with people's war and also for nationalist movements. What corresponds is that each revolution or movement specifies its main enemy and to conjure the dominion of the other superpower or of the other powers.

In our country the domination continues on the part of the Yankee imperialism colluded with the big bourgeoisie and the landowners. And at the global level, the struggle between the three superpowers for world hegemony intensifies; We fight against American imperialism, against feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, but we can not allow it to substitute the domination of Russian or Chinese imperialism or power, see how the APRA receives donations from China and the lod is paving the way . In Syria the direct aggression is of the Yankee imperialism accompanied with the powers of Germany, France, England, Spain, etc. (There are more than 50 countries that form the coalition against Syria) that contends for the hegemony with Russian and Chinese imperialism, there must fight against Yankee imperialism as main and not allow to enter the dominion of Russian imperialism or other powers; The problem is that the struggle for national liberation does not unfold because of the absence of a Communist Party.

Based on the correct and correct thesis of President Mao Tse-Tung that three worlds are outlined, the Party has currently defined on the current situation of three worlds are outlined in a palpable way, as the first world are the three superpowers, UU, RUSSIA, CHINA, which are those that contend for world hegemony and can unleash an imperialist world war, are superpowers because they are more powerful economically, politically and militarily than other powers. These superpowers have contradictions in open differences between themselves and move within the law of collusion and struggle to divide the world, even establishing military fences between them and at the same time negotiate purchases of oil and gas.

In the second world are the imperialist powers not superpowers, that is to say of less economic, political and military power like Germany, France, England, etc.Which have contradictions with the superpowers because they support the imposition of the yuan, devaluation of the dollar, gold reserves, economic sanctions, military restrictions, and political impositions; These imperialist powers are on the verge of being part of the new superpowers (in particular Germany follows), they are currently participating in wars of aggression against the oppressed nations using regular army of mercenaries like the Daesh and among them there are also sharp contradictions: Its old and new colonies, oil, gas, drug trafficking, etc. The Third World is made up of the oppressed nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They are colonies or semi-colonies where one does not seek to destroy feudalism, but to develop bureaucratic capitalism, being subject to one or another superpower and / or power.

CONTAINING IN THE MIDDLE EAST: Concentration of military force for immediate deployment, Oil, gas pipelines

The struggle on two fronts of US imperialism has accelerated the collusion of Russia and China, worsening the state balance of consumption in armed operations (concealed or not), arms purchases and financing to build regular armies with first-class weaponry to support "Rebel opponents or mujadines."
Let us look at the previous Yankee governments: during Clinton from 1993 to 2001, he developed the " dismemberment of Yugoslavia through war and genocide  ", with George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, triggered a " total war on terrorism " with justification for the attack Of September 11, having invaded Afghanistan before, arming the "mujahideen", and continued with Iraq with the tale of " presence of weapons of mass  destruction " , continued insatiably blood and power with "The Orange Revolution" of Ukraine in 2004 and Georgia's Rosas in 2003. Howling imperialism "Preventive War" and "In Defense of Democracy"  to justify military action because they already saw in the bud that the imperialist powers of Russia and China were questioning their hegemony.The speech of President Gonzalo demanded us and encouraged the communists to fulfill our condition, to face the sinister plans of imperialism (plans pushed by Brzezinski, Kissinger, Stratford, Soros, other perverts). And that to date they have failed completely in the defense of the only gendarme.

Today, applying Gonzalo thinking, we must solve the new problems that the world revolution demands! It urges the communists to deploy energy in abundance, unite us, and as our condition demands firm and resolute step. The peoples of the world cry revolution! Make every effort to unite for today's Marxism: Maoism.

How different are the logic of imperialism and that of the people! To provoke riots, to fail, to provoke disturbances again, to fail again, and thus to ruin: this is the logic of the imperialists and of all the reactionaries of the world to the cause of the people, and they will never march against this logic. This is a Marxist law.

Let's look at the failures of the Yankee strategy coming out of 2010, the uprisings known as Arab Spring ("Jazmin Revolution" in Tunisia 2010-2011, "White Revolution" in Egypt 2011, Libya War 2011, "Revolution of The Pink Ribbon "in Yemen 2011-2012) aimed at changing the correlation of forces in the oil industry to the benefit of the French, British and American powers, but reality confirms the progress of the Russia - Turkey - Iran - Syria group Preparing its new oil and silk route. Syria's importance is not only tied to its black gold reserves in the Tayem field, Qarah gas fields, Yezl, Hasaka and Deir Ez-Zor oil wells but to Its key geo-strategic position for Russia and China.

NATO is dominated by the US and today with greater presence in 2017, do not forget present its role of gendarme the rest is rhetoric. It is a command structure that is ultimately based on US military power and priority. Everything else is indeed a vassalage. The overthrow of Gaddafi was supported and celebrated with champagne by European leaders. Italian bases were used to bomb Libya, and British Special Forces participated in the training of mercenaries as a regular army (they say "Islamist rebels"). The French airplanes indignant with the defenseless town bombing Libya, helped to the tracking of Muammar Gaddafi and its lynching.

President Gonzalo's statement that  "Maoism, incarnating itself in the peoples of the world, is uncontrollably leading the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution" : In Peru, India, the Philippines, Nepal and other countries, hundreds of thousands of Workers and peasants under the red banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, have risen in arms under the leadership of the Communist Parties, parties that face new problems of the revolution, taking Maoism to solve them; Today we face three imperialist superpowers who struggle to divide the world and each striving to have strategic superiority, the superpowers of Russia and China come from the restoration of capitalism (come from the leaders followers of the capitalist road) process that was carried forward by arresting and Murdering well-known Communist leaders, and today they are calling on certain leaders of Nepal, India, the Philippines, PKK, PCR to emulate them by proposing: peace accords, capitulation, amnesty (sinister work with prison leaders) calling the party to Capitulation (here he was given a strong response that he suffered them dry). Other situations: some parties focus on the counterrevolutionary atrocities carried out by reactionary forces to break the morale of the people, to be very careful with those leaders who promote and enhance those campaigns, not to be confused with heroic actions. And we mainly face problems in the main  ideological, it is  urgent to develop campaigns  of rectification  and  verification of militancy  from the Central Committee to strengthen the leap and move from strategic defense, from strategic balance to the conquest of power if appropriate, this action Should start from the Central Committee which is the vortex of struggle and go vaccinating all the committees, never disperse see steering system. Crushing right-wing positions and not letting them be structured, not letting them raise their heads, crushing the yoke, it is the Central Committee that must guide the leap in ideology, this will allow the leap in the organic, never the other way around . Not like the PCR that sells its conceptual books (as watchtower) indicating What is communism? What is revolution? , What tasks ?, of bookish concepts do not happen more, from their foundation to date do not advance. To all the organizations in question we appeal to the combative left of each Party to learn from President Mao: "Cañonear the headquarters", in which he lifted the lid on Liu Shao-chi's bourgeois headquarters. In a letter to the Red Guards, President Mao pointed out that his revolutionary actions  "manifest indignation and condemnation against the landlord class, the bourgeoisie, imperialism, revisionism and their lackeys, who exploit and oppress the workers, peasants, Revolutionary intellectuals and revolutionary parties and groups and testify that the rebellion against the reactionaries is justified; I express my warm support. "  And today as ring finger to leverage for some opportunist leaders: are capitulating, are by the parliamentary cretinism, are to hand over popular committees and weapons. In this new situation the Communists must face it by applying Maoism, firm resolution to unite, to program joint actions with flexibility, to move to greater actions, we must develop a sagacious and forceful communist struggle, strive to unite and sweep the new revisionists.

The PCP, based on its International Line, has carried out a relentless struggle within the MCI against revisionism: for the understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the third, new and superior stage of Marxism; By the concrete application of Maoism to the conditions of each country, against the hegemonic tendencies of the RCP in the RIM and its opposition to assuming Maoism; By the universal validity of the people's war; For the universal contributions of President Gonzalo, mainly the militarization of the Communist Parties, and other points.

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution initiated and directed personally by President Mao under the conditions of the dictatorship of the proletariat, a great revolution in the superstructure. We aim to crush revisionism, recover the part of power usurped by the bourgeoisie, fully exercise the dictatorship of the proletariat in the superstructure, including all the domains of culture, consolidate and strengthen the economic base of socialism and ensure that our country continues to advance By the socialist road.

At the 10th Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 1962, President Mao said:  "To overthrow political power, it is always necessary first of all to create public opinion and work on the ideological ground. That is how the revolutionary classes come, and also the counterrevolutionary classes. "  With these words President Mao struck a blow to the counterrevolutionary revisionist clique of Liu Shao-chi. It was precisely for the sole purpose of preparing public opinion to overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat that this clique so feverishly endeavored to seize the ideological field and the superstructure in its hands, exercised a rabid counterrevolutionary dictatorship over the proletariat in the various departments controlled by She and President Mao also spread: we had to destroy, in the first place, his counterrevolutionary public opinion with the revolutionary public opinion.

Seeing the two hills to the proletariat presents itself with immediate tasks, for the communists to develop a campaign of rectification, verification of militancy and care for the management system as the child of our eyes as an application of a relentless struggle against revisionism and in firm application of The GRCP.

Today, on this date of President Mao's birthday, we reaffirm in President Gonzalo's statement that  "MAOISM, ENCARNÁNDOSE IN THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, WILL INCONTINLY PUT ON THE NEW GREAT WAVE OF THE GLOBAL PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION". And we call on all the Peruvian people to fight the traitors and revisionists of old and new, solving the problems facing the revolution today and as such the solution will come from the guns of our all powerful military theory: the People's War .

Finally we call on the Communist Parties to raise, defend and apply Maoism to be the sole command and guide of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution. It is described above as they are from failure to failure, we proceed to dynamite them with the deep class hatred we have.

December 2016
PCP-Central Committee

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