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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Donald Trump visits Saudi Arabia—an absolute monarchy and absolute dictatorship

This week President Donald Trump visited a dictatorship where political power is handed down from the leader to his children. While that has been done in North (Democratic People's Republic) Korea. He could also focus on the lack of religious freedom, once again as in DPR Korea. But once again it is Saudi Arabia that has made Islam the only legal religion in the country.
As in the ISIS (Islamic State) territories, Saudi Arabia has people beheaded in public. Women can be beheaded for "witchcraft" or sorcery." In Saudi Arabia no political parties or national elections are permitted. It is a lot like the DPR Korea in the fact that it allows little political or religious freedom.
On DPR Korea Trump has said:

"There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely," Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview ahead of his 100th day in office on Saturday."

But in Saudi Arabia, a nation with no more rights than in DPR Korea:

"Trump said it was a "tremendous day" and spoke of "hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs. So I would like to thank all of the people of Saudi Arabia."

On top of that Trump announced a $110 billion arms deal. So on an Asian country with a bad human rights record, he promises to attack. On a similar country in the Middle east, a country that has oil, he agrees to sell them arms.
If there own violation of civil rights wasn't enough, Saudi Arabia has led an illegal war on Yemen. According to the Washington Examiner:

"Saudi Arabia, armed with American weapons, fought a proxy war with Iran in Yemen, where the government was overthrown by a rebel group tied to the Iranians. Allegations that Saudi Arabia has bombed civilians and committed other human rights abuses compromised what would otherwise tend to be unanimous U.S. support for the conflict. A $1.15 billion arms deal last year turned controversial, but that pact is dwarfed by the $110 billion pact signed Saturday."

So he is in the Middle east sucking up to a absolute monarchy, a totalitarian dictatorship, and using the regime to bring jobs to Americans —jobs that would be brought to us by human rights abuses —blood money.
The US tries to overthrow one such absolute dictatorship in Asia and yet the US is fine with a different one in the Middle east. And in the Middle east it is a dictatorship that has used proxy armies to foment war. If DPR Korea did that it would be unacceptable. But it is being done by an ally so we look the other way.
I must point out that Trump is not the first or the only US President to honor this dictator. But it needs to stop no matter who is over there kissing the asses of these murderers.
Trump just pretends he's cutting off an opponent's head. Now that is funny! (for him) Pix by Business Insider.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh you fuckin queer you can't handle my comments any more..

BTW Trump's not a dictator, he was democratically voted in in a fuckin landslide.. unlike ANY communist leader in history.

SJ Otto said...

Your comment doesn't really deserve a comment, but you said: BTW Trump's not a dictator, he was democratically voted in in a fuckin landslide.. unlike ANY communist leader in history."
Trump was elected, but not by a landslide. He didn't even win the popular vote. Due to our undemocratic system of the Electoral College, an obsolete anachronism type mechanism that is suppose to prevent stupid people from electing stupid people, Trump and his party have undermined the elections to get a minority candidate elected. The US elections are a farce and have been for more than 100 years. Only two corporate parties are allowed to put up candidate—not very democratic at all.
As for communists not winning elections- There is Salvador Allende, Robert Mugabe (who is now described as a dictator even though he won a contested election to get to power), Kwame Nkrumah, the coalition of the Spanish Republican government before the Franco Regime and Prachanda of Nepal, just to name a few. In other words not all communist have come to power as dictators.