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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day —honoring those who fought for US imperialism

By សតិវអតុ
It's this time every year that I post something about Memorial Day. And every year I hear on the TV that we should celebrate the lives given for our freedom. But the idea that people are giving their lives for freedom is the biggest lie this country ever produced. We have not had our freedom defended for many years. Most wars allow our empire to control smaller countries, so we can get the best of their resources, including oil.
We have colonized two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. We have created in them puppet US style democracies. And bourgeois democracies are the phoniest of them all. This country can't take care of its own citizens and yet claims to be able to "help out" our brothers in other countries. If this country really cared about democracy we would have pulled support for Saudi Arabia years ago.

That there are those of us who believe this country does not fight for democracy and freedom is the BIGGEST secret in the country today!

...So have your picnics, visit your cemeteries, and if you really care about freedom, honor some of the many peace activist and revolutionaries who REALLY fought for your freedom:

It's been said years ago that there are those, in the US, who will foolishly spill their blood for their corporate masters!

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