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Saturday, June 10, 2017

US- Islamic hate march is unsuccessful in Wichita, KS

An anti-Islamic march fizzled today, as less than thirty marchers, from ACT For America, went in front of the Islamic Society of Wichita, according to the Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas. The March was planned by ACT For America
which describes itself as:

"We are the NRA of national security.
We don’t just support the protection of America’s national security
- we’re fighting for it."

In other words they are a far right organization, just as the NRA. They are Islamophobic and an anti-Muslim hate group, but they also claim:  

"is committed to recruiting, training, and mobilizing citizens community by community to help protect and preserve American culture and to keep this nation safe." 

Usually groups that talk of preserving American culture are trying to prevent other cultures from being able to survive here in the USA. They are more like fascism than a group to preserve anyone's rights.
Many local organizations monitored the event in case there was going to be any trouble. There was a consensus to avoid a counter march so that the ACT did not get more publicity than they would otherwise get.
Members of DSA (a local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America), Peace and Social Justice Center and some others local organization will be attending a Ramadan After Dinner at the Islamic Center, June 12. These groups want to oppose Islamophobia. That is not to say all these members are Muslim, and certainly many people in Wichita do not support a government that is dominated by Islam or any other religion. But they do believe that all religions in the US deserve respect.
All fundamental religious beliefs produce believers who are willing to disrespect other people's religious views. They often support poisonous political views that are disrespectful to people of other faiths and beliefs. But marching against all members of that entire religion is always counter productive.
That is why  many of us will be joining Muslims for their Ramadan After Dinner. We want the Muslims in Wichita to know that we respect their religious beliefs and their constitutional right to practice the religion of their choice.
Local marchers can be seen in the photo below:

Pix by Bill Anderson.

The anti-march was part of an nation-wide effort. Some of the other marches across the US were not as quiet as the one in Wichita. The people and Muslims of Wichita were lucky.

Pix from NBC News:

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