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Sunday, August 13, 2017

No one in the US government will stand up to Trump's idiotic statements on Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea

By សតិវ អតុ
It's hard to ignore all the noise this week from our "Really has no business being" President Donald Trump. And while his statement on Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea: “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if it continued threatening the United States,' sounds bad enough, it isn't that far from what the entire US government actually thinks and wants.
The entire US government has gone along with the idea that North Korea is a "threat," totally ignoring the threat that the US so obviously makes towards North Korea. It is not surprising that Venezuela is also in the cross hairs of Trump and his imperialist oriented Republican Party.
From The New York Times: "President Trump continued to beat war drums on Friday against North Korea and, unexpectedly, said he would consider a military option to deal with an unrelated crisis in Venezuela."

And of course, there is little if any resistance to these belligerent statements from the Democratic Party. Imperialism today is bipartisan.
While North Korea and Venezuela have vastly different governments, both are somewhat to the left and both stand in the way of US imperialism and its agenda. And Trump is not just the sound of an empty can. We can't rule out that he may attack or invade both countries. If he does, it is not likely that anyone in our government, few if any legislators, will actually stand up to him and try and stop him. Trump is a stooge, but he is a dangerous stooge. It's not hard to imagine that Trump will fight for the empire.
During the reign of George W. Bush, another idiot who had no business running a country, North Korea, Iraq and Iran were labelled as an Axis of evil. One of those countries, Iraq, was invaded and it is now a colony of the US empire, complete with a puppet democracy. North Korea had the ability to build atomic weapons and it made perfect sense for them to do so. It may be the only reason the US hasn't invaded that country. US imperialism seems to want to hand over all that land and its people over to the control of South Korea, which today is another example of a puppet democracy, completely built and completely dependent on the US for its survival. South Korea has many US troops and would likely be unable to defend itself it their northern neighbour ever attacked them. 
Today North Korea is not a Marxist Leninist state. The country, starting in 1982, has denounced Marx and Lenin as being obsolete. Today it considers itself to be socialist economy under the ideology of Juche, as defined by its former leaders Kim Il Sung (김일성) and Kim Jong Il (김정일). Kim Il Sung considered Juche to be an application of Marxist Leninism. His son Kim Jong Il officially authored the definitive statement on Juche in a 1982 document titled On the Juche Idea. After the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea’s greatest economic benefactor, all reference to Marxism–Leninism was dropped in the revised 1998 constitution.
In August 2009, former U.S. President Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il. He was the first and last president in modern history to make any attempt to open a dialog with North Korea. President W. Bush reversed all dialog with the regime. Since that time our leaders claim it was North Korea that shut down diplomacy but that is a lie.
Despite the fact that North Korea is not a Marxist-Leninist state of any kind, it is still an obstacle to US imperialism. The US wants to get rid of the Northern nation and annex it as was done in East Germany. As many of us know, the people of East Germany were ripped off. Their state run companies were given to West German industrialists and many former politicians were punish for the work they did to support the regime. For years East Germans worked for less wages and benefits than their Western counterparts.[1]
So we need to support the sovereignty of Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea. It's hard to say if that country will ever return to Marxist principles, but we still need to support them.

Chinese Communist song: As war approaches

[1] Most of this is documented in my essay; In defence of “Tankies”- Part 2.