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Saturday, December 30, 2017

US- Police shooting in Wichita KS puts fear in local citizens

From The Idot Factor:
Here in Wichita we now see just how dangerous our police are. They shot an unarmed man who did 
nothing wrong at all. He was the victim of a prank. According to several news sources, the prank was in revenge for a dollar bet on a gaming web site.
According to Yahoo News/ABC:

"Thursday's incident began around 6:18 p.m. Central Time when police received a 911 call about an alleged shooting with hostages at a residence in Wichita, Kansas. The caller told authorities he had shot his father in the head while his parents were arguing, police said. The caller also said he was holding his other family members at gunpoint inside the home and was thinking about setting the house on fire, police said.....
..... Upon arriving at the scene, officers surrounded the front of the house, preparing to make contact with the caller inside and for the potential situation of a hostage barricaded with suspects, police said.
A 28-year-old man (Andrew Finch) opened the door of the home and was told to raise his hands and walk toward the officers -- a command he obeyed for "a very short time" until he moved his hands back down to his waist, police said."

So far in Wichita no policeman has ever had any kind of a reprimand for wrongfully shooting of an innocent person or people. And there have been many instances where either innocent people, or mentally ill people, have been shot and killed by police. Often these people have been unarmed. The prosecutor's office has almost always rubber stamped what the police claim and they have always been exonerated of any wrong doing. The difference today is there is a new set of police officials, new police chief, newer persecutors so we will have to see if there is any difference this time around. The present Chief of Police is Gordon Ramsay. He is fairly new at the job. Marc Bennett is the present District Attorney, replacing Former District Attorney Nola Foulston who preceded him. She retired and she was always on the side of Wichita's police.
According to The New York Times:

"(Deputy) Chief (Troy) Livingston placed the blame for the shooting squarely on “the irresponsible actions of a prankster,” but Ms. (Lisa) Finch said the police were culpable. “That cop murdered my son over a false report,” she said in an interview with The Wichita Eagle. She and other family members did not immediately respond to several messages from The New York Times on Friday."

There are a lot of unanswered questions to this whole event. Why was Finch shot as he walked out of his door. He stepped on his porch to see the police lights and was shot. His family had to step over his dying body to be questioned by police.
Bring a candle. This is very disturbing. This could have happened to anyone. Surely there was a better way of handling this than shooting a man as he walked out of his front door to see why police had surrounded his home. None of us are safe if the police continue to act this way, with no consequences for shooting the innocent. ANY OF US COULD BE NEXT.

A 25-year-old man in California, Tyler Barriss from South Los Angeles has been arrested for the alleged hoax 911 call.

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