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Monday, February 19, 2018

Support solidarity with Group Yorum

Maoist Road support the democratic struggle and call to the maximum
solidarity with Group yorum
february 2018

Dear comrades,

A few days ago, Turkish fascist government put 6 Grup Yorum members into the
"list of wanted terrorists". AKP's Ministry of Interior says that they will
give a reward of 300 thousand Turkish liras for each revolutionary musician..

Attached is the statement of Grup Yorum about the "wanted list" of Turkish

AKP targets the members of a revolutionary music band which has been
struggling for independence, democracy and socialism for 33 years. With
these lists, AKP tries to show Grup Yorum as illegitimate. But the reality
is that: Grup Yorum is the people, the peoples of the world. Therefore, we
want you to be in solidarity with Grup Yorum.

-You can send solidarity messages-statements with the signatures of your
-You can send pictures, writing "Grup Yorum is the people", "You cannot
silence Grup Yorum" on cardboards, papers,
-You can send videos, singing Grup Yorum songs.,
-You can send fax and e-mail to the Ministry of Interior of Turkey. Attached
is the fax text and fax no - e-mail address of the ministry.

We believe that we will break the siege altogether.

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