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Saturday, March 31, 2018

On the death of Comrade Javier López Martinez

A Google Translation:

From Serve The People or DEM VOLKE DIENEN
On March 19, 2018, comrade Javier López Martinez, an outspoken comrade and leader of Comrades of the River Sol Rojo in Mexico, died. In his honor, communist militants in the FRG have made his fight theirs! In the following, we document the first pictures of the action and the complete translation of the declaration published by the comrades in Mexico:

With deep sadness, we inform the working class and peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico and the world that a militant who is very important to our organization has died.

Comrade Javier López Martinez, also affectionately known in our ranks as Comandate Rojo, died on 19 March of respiratory arrest. His family, friends and comrades keep his best memories of him, forged in the heat of the class struggle.
Who was Javier López Martinez?
A simple father of a father and a working-class mother, he joined the industrial proletariat at a young age and later took various activities as a machinist, forklift driver, truck driver, etc. Later, with the same robust and calloused hands, he stood up some time of the Mexican Army. It was there where he learned to hate the regime against the workers and the people, which is the old state.
He put his knowledge and his power into the service of the working class and founded the "Occupation Fancisco Villa" called settlement of the people.
Comrade Javier was part of the 25 political prisoners of 7 June 2015 and was detained in the high security prison CE.FE.RE.SO # 5 of Villa Aldama in Veracruz. Later he was transferred to the state prison CE.RE.SO # 2 of Etla in Oaxaca. Overall, the comrade was imprisoned for 16 months and to this day permanently on probation.
In this regard, we can confirm that Comrade Javier has never considered pardon or amnesty - even as the old state and its representatives went so far as to propose an apology for its "freedom". And while it is true that he died during parole, his decision to fight to the end clearly led him to leave us as a truly free man.
Who does not remember our Comandante Rojo in the class struggle, in the confrontation with the repressive apparatuses of the old state, how he organized the rage and fueled the urge of the people to fight?

We are convinced that no one can forget the steadfastness of his actions or the courage of his commanding voice defending the flag of Sol Rojo, the flag which he, with an iron hand, has made his own.
Javier López Martinez founded Sol Rojo, that's for sure! And in every corner of the territory of Oaxaca, but also in other corners of Mexico, where our organization is present, the name of our beloved comrade will be remembered with affection, and his voice will resonate hundreds of times in the coming battles, in the demonstrations and street struggles, in the skirmishes and strikes, in the insurrections and insurrection, which are dialectically taken up in the long-lasting people's war as the universal science of the proletarian revolution and whose goal is the New Democratic Revolution and socialism.

The enemies of the people, these disgusting critics of the proletarian revolution, can make all sorts of comments in order to distort the image of our amiable comrade. The same can be expected of those flattering opportunists of sweet words and supple tricks who, under the orders of reaction and revisionism, will try to downplay the efforts of this combatant of the people and leader in the class struggle from among the workers. We will answer them all with the same strength he has left us through his example.
Comrade Javier López Martinez lives in the fight!
Long live Red Commander!
Glory and honor to the combatants of the people!
We dare to fight!
Do not vote, organise and fight!
Red Sun will win the people!
Let the workers govern the land!
Written by cazi
March 24, 2018

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