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Thursday, April 12, 2018

India- Call: Actions for and for proletarian feminism - Anuradha Ghandy Campaign

We call a series of actions led by revolutionaries for proletarian feminism in the French state and throughout the world.

As of April 12, we will broadcast initiatives that encourage the development and reinforcement of proletarian feminism and the revolutionary organizations that defend it.
This date was not chosen by chance. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of the death of Comrade Anuradha Ghandy. This immense communist and proletarian revolutionary was one of the main leaders of the struggle of women for their emancipation in the Indian state. She died as a martyr, dying of a serious illness while serving people, women and their revolution. His writings and actions embody the synthesis and essence of what proletarian feminism means.
We also respond to the call of the International Committee for the Support of the People's War in India for the "Spring Thunder Tour", a set of manifestations of internationalist, anti-imperialist and revolutionary solidarity with the People's War in India.

Long live the struggle of proletarian women for their liberation! Honor Comrade Anuradha Ghandy! Forward in the development of a feminist proletarian movement in the world!

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