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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

US- May Day in Wichita, KS, This Year, 2018

By សតិវ ​អតុ
This year, progressive people in Wichita, Kansas, celebrated International Workers Day, May Day, with a potluck and a movie. These events took place tonight. The group wasn't very big. Every year some of us get together and try to celebrate this worker's holiday that has been a special day all over the world.
After dinner we all watched the film Maestra which gives the incredible history of the 1961 country-wide literacy campaign. The film followed some women who actually took part in a literacy campaign in the country side where there was no electricity or running water. It was inspiring to see that some countries put an emphasis on service to others rather than pandering to the greed of those who already have a lot of wealth.
There are very few Marxists in Wichita, so this is the best celebration for working people we can expect to have.
For information on the founding of May Day click here.
Here is a May Day salute from PARTIDO COMUNISTA DE BOLIVIA, The Red Guards and DAZIBAO ROJO

We are getting ready to eat.
Here we are watching the film.

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