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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

India- Maoists attempting to regroup in Bengal

India has been a steady source of good news for Maoists world-wide. In other parts of the world major mistakes have been made, in such countries as Peru and Nepal. But in India, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has remained a steadfast and persistent foe of world imperialism, both US, Europe and under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Regime. Constant attempts to destroy the guerrillas, such as Operation Green Hunt, have failed. Nothing could be better news than such reports as this one:
- សតិវ អតុ

From ZeeNews:
KOLKATA: After about six years of peace in West Bengal’s Jangalmahal since the death of Maoist leader Mallojula Koteswara Rao also known as Kishenji, the spectre of Maoists seems to have come back to haunt the administration, as they are attempting to regroup in this region.
Officers in central intelligence agencies said that activities of the armed squad led by state secretary Akash have recently increased in the villages along Bengal-Jharkhand border in the districts of Jhargram and Purulia in West Bengal. 
This squad, which comprises between 12 and 15 guerrillas, was based in the forests of Jharkhand over the past five years but was spotted along the Bengal-bordering villages of Jharkhand several times over the past couple of months. 
R R Bhatnagar, the DG of CRPF, recently confirmed this news during his visit to Kolkata to attend a meeting with the ADGs, DIGs and IGs of the state that falls within the central zone. 
“Yes, there are reports of Maoists regrouping in Jhargram, which still falls under the worse affected districts,” Bhatnagar when asked by DNA/ZEE NEWS on the preparedness to take on the Maoists head-on in Jhargram.  
Until recently, Bengal had four districts listed as worse affected by Left-wing Extremism. However, due to the past five-six year’s peace in this forested belt of southwestern West Bengal, only the district of Jhargram is now listed as LWE affected. 
Significantly, these renewed Maoist activities come at a time the districts of Jhargram and Purulia are heading for political turmoil with the ruling party, Trinamool Congress, starting to lose its grip. 
It was evident from the results of the recently-held rural polls that resentment against Trinamool Congress is growing among the people of Jhargram and Purulia, where people at some places supported BJP and independent tribal outfits at some other places to defeat the ruling party leaders. 
A senior police officer said that it was a similar period of political turmoil in the last 1990s that helped Maoists gain a foothold in West Bengal. During 2010-11, Maoists led by Kishanji had wrested control of significant parts of the districts of Jhargram, Purulia, West Midnapore and Bankura. However, the Maoists’ organisation broke down virtually overnight after the death of Kishanji. 

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Maoists attempting to regroup in Bengal

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