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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Yes—I hate the Republican Party –Part 1

Kanye West sucks!

From The Idiot Factor (with some modifications):
I used to like Kanye West. It seemed like he tried to make music and lyrics that had something to say. I never actually bought any of his albums and I never will—now that he is publically supporting President Donald Trump—probably one of the worst presidents this country has ever had and will ever have. Not that the Republicans haven’t tried hard in the past. Richard Nixon killed millions in Vietnam; Ronald Reagan conned the working class into accepting one of the lowest standards of living they ever experienced; and there was President George W. Bush, the brain dead idiot who got us into unnecessary wars.
I call this new series; “Why I hate the Republican Party.”
I despise the Republicans on a personal level. Donald Trump gets elected and one of the first things he does is try to destroy health care for millions of Americans. That affected me personally. And state level Republicans have also messed with my health care to the point that I have only catastrophic health care and it is real expensive and almost worthless. Kansans are among the most ripped off people when it comes to Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and I learned all of that from the health care representative I went through to get my present health insurance. I live in one of the worst states for Obamacare and I live in the only industrialized country, in the world, in which the government doesn’t care about the health of its less wealthy citizens. I have to thank the Republicans, although there are some Democrats who are no better.
I have argued with a lot Marxist and other leftists on a variety of Facebook sites, where they have argued against the Democratic Party to the point I believe they hate the Democrats more than the Republicans. I would leave statements about the Republican Party and I would get statements back such as “The Democrats do that also” or “The Democrats are just as bad.”
I do agree with many of the comments about the Democrats. Just today I took part in a conversation where it was pointed out that we on the left are constantly told the Republicans are the worst evil so we are supposed to support the Democrats. Next it was pointed out that the Democrats are a party of imperialism and other unsavory things. So we are supporting imperialism if we back the Democrats. There is a lot of truth to that. We can see that in our foreign policy. Both parties are supporting the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Many of our foreign policy issues were actually worse under President Barack Obama. In these modern times there is NO difference between the foreign policies of the Democrats and Republicans. In some cases the Democrats are actually worse. Our foreign policy today is pure imperialism. I think many of us agree that we need to build a revolutionary movement. But that will take years. Many political groups were active in the 1970s, in the New Communist movement trying to build such a revolution. Many of those groups are gone. But some are still here and there are some new groups, such as Red Guards.
Communist Party USA has supported Democrats for years. Such a strategy seems to represent a feeling of helplessness rather than grand strategy. The Revolutionary Communist Party rejects all cooperation with the political system, but they have their own baggage despite being one of the few leftist parties to survive the New Communist movement.
I think we have to do something in the short run. That may mean trying to carve out some political clout in the Democratic Party, similar to what Democratic Socialist of America is doing. I realize that “democratic socialist parties” are often uncompatible with Marxist-Leninists groups. But there are some Marxists in DSA today. There is a Marxist caucus within DSA called Refoundation. DSA has gone much further to the left than it has in years past and that is mostly due to new people, mostly young folks, who have joined that party in the last few years.
We need to get involved in such issues as health care and raising the minimum wage. We can’t expect working people to just suffer and die while we Marxist prepare for the revolution. I don’t think we should abandon the goal of revolution, I just think we should also engage the system when we can. There may be people who are more concerned with promoting a revolution here in the US. And their may be some people who want to try and use the electoral system. Then there are folks like me who believe in doing both at the same time.
I see Trump fans writing into The Wichita Eagle, such as:

There is something for everybody on that impressive list, so please look it over and register to vote by Oct. 16, for those candidates who need to go to Congress and give support to President Trump's agenda, which is really a pro-United-States-of-America agenda. –by Carolyn Simms

People like her just ignore the fact that many of us won’t live long enough to enjoy all of those benefits on that “impressive list.” Supposedly, as I read from other supporters of Trump, the economy is doing well, so just ignore the fact that poor people die early due to a lack of health care. Trump has trashed the environment with a passion. He operates as if he hates poor people. He shifted the tax burden on the poor, when he gave out that impressive tax cut that mostly went to rich people. He trashed the agency that was planning to go after predatory lenders, some of which are charging poor folks 900 percent interest. It is mostly poor people who use their car ownership to obtain loans that are nearly impossible to pay back and they saddle these poor folks with a lifetime of debt. Trump is defending these lenders. I could go on and on with examples of Trump’s hatred of both poor people and the environment. The saddest thing I note is that many middle class people and some poor folks actually support this enemy of the working class. One person I read about actually praised Trump as the greatest president we ever had.
Then we have such asshole celebrities as Kanye West, Roseanne Barr and Kid Rock, all supporting Trump. We definitely don’t want to support these people in anyway. Don’t buy their albums, don’t watch them on TV, and don’t give them anything. The Republicans are enemies of the working people and poor people. So I don’t think it is a waist of time to oppose these class enemies. The whole system is our enemy. But I have chosen to attack the worst of it, the Republican Party and its asshole supporters.

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